Forum GasGuard®

Gas slugs develop under numerous production conditions resulting in various circumstances including changes in reservoir conditions, changes in production strategy (EOR/IOR) and changes in production rates. Despite the situation, slugging is one of the most widely faced issues in the oil and gas industry. This is especially true for unconventional wells produced with artificial lift technologies including electric submersible pumps (ESPs) that can experience significant increases in operation costs and capital expenses due to lost production, damaged equipment and inefficient operational envelopes which in turn lead to differed incremental production that could be captured in an optimized ESP system.

The best solution is prevention: disrupting gas slugs before they disrupt production.

FET presents the patent-pending Forum GasGuard®, which breaks down/infuses gas slugs before they reach an ESP system, creating an uninterrupted flow of liquid through the pump and eliminating slug flow. The result is a more consolidated, continuous production stream with higher liquid content leading to increased motor cooling and improved ESP performance with fewer shutdowns. With a streamlined, simplified design, FET’s GasGuard represents a new paradigm of protection against unpredictable gas slugs.

Our Forum GasGuard® is part of FET’s extensive Multilift artificial lift solutions catalog.

GasGuard World Oil Awards Finalist


  • Unconventional wells
  • Steam-assisted gravity drainage wells
  • Wells with severe gas slugging
  • ESPs, rod pumps, progressing cavity pumps, hydraulic piston/linear pumps


  • No moving parts
  • Modular design for extreme applications
  • Compatible with chemical injection centralizer, SandGuard™ and Cyclone™ products


  • Installs and pulls easily using the production string
  • Improves efficiency of ESP motor cooling
  • Reduces equipment costs with simple design
  • Disrupts gas slugs before they reach the pump intake
  • Improves pump runtime and performance
  • Helps prevent pump shutdowns caused by gas lock
  • Work in conjunction with and can reduce the need for expensive ESP gas handling devices that are still susceptible to gas lock

Pump Saver Plus

With rod pumps being used in over 65% of today’s world’s oil production methods, artificial lift protection is critical, now more than ever before. There are multi-tool systems available, but these antiquated units pose long-term issues that ultimately cause operators more money and downtime. Designing an innovative solution, the FET Multilift Solutions Pump Saver Plus delivers an all-in-one gas and sand separator that is proven to extend Rod Pump run life and eliminate the need for multiple tools and connections to make up the Rod Pump BHA.


  • Separates gas and sand without any impact or effect on pump function
  • Negligible pressure drop through the tool
  • No sand re-circulation
  • Reduces costly workovers due to gas lock and sand obstruction
  • Improves pump efficiency
  • Extends run-life
  • Enhances production and operating envelope


  • Reduces chance of gas lock, increasing uptime and production
  • Reduces chance of abrasive wear and mechanical failure, reducing workover and equipment costs
  • Increases run life of the rod pump and the integrity of artificial lift equipment
  • No moving components, reducing the possibility of failure


  • Sucker Rod
  • High abrasive conditions
  • High GOR and GLR wells

Eddy Features

  • In a column of fluid, liquid falls around gas bubbles faster than bubble rises through static fluid
  • The angled flow ports allow fluid to fall into the tool, rather than the pump drawing fluid in through a 90° intake port
  • The motion creates eddy currents at specific points in the flow ports allowing the tool to naturally regulate and trap gas bubbles
  • Gas bubbles remain situated high in the gas chamber and provides quick discharge and separation during the pumping unit down stroke
  • Increases gas separation efficiency and pump fillage