Improve efficiency, mitigate risk and optimize production during multizone operations

As a critical component of drilling plug-and-perf operations, Forum’s ProDrill® composite bridge and frac plugs provide reliable, temporary zonal isolation during stage fracs in horizontal and vertical wells. Constructed from premium composite materials, they mitigate drillout risks while reducing the time and costs for completing unconventional wells.

  • ProDrill Express bridge/frac plugs combine composites and cast-iron slips to reduce drillout times. Easily converting from ball-drop to caged-ball flowback or solid bridge plugs, they are compatible with most wireline or tubing-run hydraulic setting tools.
  • Ultra-compact ProDrill Velocity™ plugs reduce drillout times, debris size and material circulating in wellbores. Faster run-in speeds and a compression-set design help eliminate run-in risks while reducing water usage.
  • Adding the RocKit Deployment System™ to Velocity frac plugs accelerates run-in speeds via a water-conserving, ball-in-place design. Water action against the tension mandrel aids pump-down operations to reduce frac plug stress.
ProDrill Velocity