Forum MicroPlug™

The Forum MicroPlug™ boosts the efficiency of plug and perf applications and provides a low cost/low risk diversion solution for initial completions and re-frac optimization. Using the MicroPlug, operators can safely, quickly and inexpensively access 65% of stranded reserves in their horizontal wells. The 1.2 specific gravity weight allows the MicroPlug to be brought back to the surface without any additional well intervention. Operators also have greater control of their well bore pressure by sealing off perforation holes, rather than sealing off the entire well bore ID.

The MicroPlug is an effective diversion technology that is economic and easily deployable to increase stimulated rock volume in new and existing wells.

  • Able to seal perforation diameters from .310″ to .444″ at up to 10,000 psi pressure differential
  • Provides ability to control frac hits to neighboring well
  • Reduces the number of frac plugs, wireline runs and pumping stage charges needed
  • Reduction in drill out needed after job creates cost savings
  • Increases stimulation effectiveness through diversion
  • Eliminates the replacement production string in re-frac operations
  • Excellent diverting tool
  • Low cost and low risk re-frac tool
  • Easily deployable
  • Unique engineered shape conductive to seal multiple perforation geometries
  • Rated for typical fracturing pressure
  • Easily flowed to surface; lower SG than PVC or Polyester
  • Shape conducive to hole plugging
  • Requires <200 psi pressure differential to backflow from perf hole
  • Compatible with acids
  • Option to pump down with stimulation fluid with a Surface Deployment Assembly
  • Can be use to seal off existing wells and re-frac
  • 36 color combinations
  • 0.25″ – 0.47″ perforation diameter sealing range
  • Seals irregular perforations