RocKit Deployment System™

The Forum Energy Technologies RocKit Deployment System™ complements our ProDrill® Velocity™ Series Composite Frac Plug for accelerated run in speeds by using a ball in place deployment option to further save water and time on run-in.

The RocKit Deployment System allows the ability to run the ball in place with our compression set ProDrill Velocity Series plug, giving the benefits of our bottom set plug design that mitigates run risk, along with no components put in tension during the setting sequence.

The frac ball travels down, housed in the setting equipment, with the plug. Once the setting tool strokes out, the ball is released and able to pump to the plug seat sealing off the wellbore.

The RocKit system is shorter in length than standard kits at 21″ total length with plug attached. The system has a recessed channel during run-in to allow water to act against the tension mandrel. This aids in pump down operations without the need for a pump down ring, eliminating an increased OD and stress on the frac plug. The shorter length kit strokes into a configuration for faster tripping out of hole with no swabbing. A viewing window allows for checking of the ball in place at a glance, removing the need to disassemble the kit.

Available for Baker #20 and Owens setting equipment.

  • Plug-and-Perf completions
  • Ball in Place applications
  • Ability to run ball in place on ProDrill Velocity Series compression set frac plug
  • Accelerates run in speeds with recessed design that acts like pump down ring without the risk of increased OD and stress acting on the frac plug
  • Compact short design configuration after setting sequence allows faster tripping out of hole with no swabbing
  • Shorter overall length, 21″ including plug when stabbed up to Setting tool
  • Simple design configuration for fast assembly in the field
  • Ball is visibly trapped in place, for a positive indication with­out taking the kit apart