Velocity Series Composite Frac Plugs

Forum’s ProDrill® Velocity™ series of composite frac plugs are a critical component of successful plug-and-perf operations. Ultra-compact and offering fast drillout, they optimize well completion efficiency by reducing drillout times, debris size and the amount of material that must circulate out of the hole. In turn, this mitigates drillout risk while decreasing the time and cost to complete unconventional wells.

The set-from-bottom, compression-set plug design eliminates run risk by transmitting impacts through the wireline adapter kit tension mandrel, reducing stress on critical plug elements. This design also permits high-velocity fluid bypass during pump-down operations, creating plugs with no run-in speed limits. Faster speeds also decrease water usage and completion times.

Velocity frac plugs are also unique because their components do not slide on a stationary mandrel like typical composite plugs. This allows the reduced-length, fully optimized composite plug to shorten when set and mitigate spinning components during drillout. The unique design can also incorporate a ball-in-place configuration when used with the RocKit Deployment System™.

  • Unconventional wells
  • Multizone completions
  • Plug-and-perf completions
  • 1-5 minute Drill-out times
  • 700+ FPM Run In capabilities
  • No presets or ghost plugs
  • Reduce water usage
  • Ultra short compression set design
  • Reliable bottom set configuration
  • Low specific gravity magnesium slip system
5.5" Specifications
4.5" Specifications