AMPIX Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

AMPIX™ Remote Monitoring services gives you access to remotely monitor onshore and offshore equipment operating systems. AMPIX provides a method for pre-emptive troubleshooting. We are able to pinpoint potential issues before equipment failure or downtime occurs and resolve the issue without dispatching a technician.

We have the ability to customize your monitoring system to the equipment and devices that you want to monitor, including:

  • Top Drive
  • Drawworks
  • Mud Pumps
  • Catwalks
  • Iron Roughnecks
  • Frac Fleets
  • VFD
  • Torque Machines

We can incorporate complete equipment operations software systems or monitor a single device. Some of the current systems that we monitor include:

  • The rig operations
  • System alarms
  • Equipment condition
  • Parameter set points
  • Remotely troubleshooting rig operating system software and hardware failures

Our remote monitoring service is flexible enough to allow our customers to self-monitor. It is comprehensive enough to provide 24/7 monitoring and reporting by our highly trained technicians.

We can also provide instant notification either through text message or email.

AMPIX allows you to pre-plan equipment maintenance and system change outs, minimizing non-productive time and emergency repairs. Implementation of our monitoring services provided one of our primary customers a 15% drop in non-productive time. They have saved time and money while maintaining a smooth-running operation, providing invaluable non-quantitative benefits for their company and their customers.