Rapid, Remote Asset Management

ForumID™ offers an easy and optimized method to track and manage critical assets for safer and more efficient operations. Leveraging the power of radio frequency identification (RFID), ForumID™ encodes tracking and critical data onto “smart tags.” This data can be scanned via a mobile scanner connected to any internet-connected device and added to a customized online database, providing an instant life story for each piece of equipment.

  • Vendor traceability of materials/components
  • Nameplate data (accurate serial numbers, etc.)
  • Manufacturing databook information
  • Electronic mobile inspections
  • Documentation links (certifications, drawings, manuals, testing reports)
  • Equipment locations
  • Confirmation of proper loading/sizing information equipment use
  • Maintenance history, analytics and models
  • Field issues, technical bulletins, equipment updates
  • Inspection data for field service
  • Recertification and upgrade traceability
  • Operator manuals
  • Streamlines operations by tracking each product through its life cycle.
  • Improves efficiency of inventory scheduling.
  • Traces all fleet assets including location and maintenance updates.
  • Extends equipment life by improving asset utilization.
  • Offers a robust online database with customizable features, forms and workflows.
  • Provides on-demand documentation access via any internet-connected device.
  • Improves quality of data reporting and management.
  • Optimizes electronic mobile inspections for better speed and efficiency.
  • Verifies certification status to improve safety and quality.
  • Organizes inspection reports and allows easy distribution via email.
  • Reduces data errors often found from manual data entry
  • Customized forms for inspections, testing, certification’s, etc.
  • Workflow capabilities for scheduling preventative maintenance
  • Customized reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Maintenance history
  • Cloud storage for databooks, drawing packages and operator manuals