Forum FracKing Connect™

Streamlined Simplicity for Wellsites

The Forum FracKing Connect™ offers the industry’s most integrated solution to streamline frac wellsite operations. It combines the benefits of powerful flexible hoses and large-bore fluid conduits to reduce iron fleets and remove literally hundreds of connections, assemblies and seals per site. Streamlining protects crews form equipment accidents while also providing a clear exit path during emergencies.

Utilizing our Serpent Series™ flexible hoses, the Forum FracKing Connect™ system includes a customized crane and Forum’s Hydraulic Latch Assembly (HLA) remote technology. This powerful combination makes operations such as switching between wellsites highly efficient and virtually free of associated downtime. Remote operations also remove crews from “red zones” and reduce downtime associated with crew interventions. Forum’s proprietary ICBM manifold trailer/skid is also included, outperforming while remaining safe and easy to operate.