Applications Served

Applications Served GHT designs and manufactures cooling systems and solutions for various types of applications used throughout various industries. We specialize in designing customized equipment that is capable of performing in the harshest operating environments.   GHT project managers review every application to ensure that our supplied cooling system is sized accurately for the application.  We use [...]


Coolers GHT proudly offers both standard and custom-engineered coolers for your specific application needs. Oil CoolersGas CoolersAir-to-Air CoolersOil Coolers GHT is the only aluminum cooler manufacturer in the world to achieve Canada-wide CRN certification. Canada-Wide CRN Certification FET GHT coolers are ASME compliant and designed in accordance with ASME 2015 BPVC Section II (materials), VIII [...]

GHT Radiators and Cooling Systems

We Know Radiators GHT (Global Heat Transfer) is the leading OEM provider of cooling solutions throughout the world for a multitude of applications, including Oil and Gas / Energy (Onshore and Offshore), Power Gen, and has been building radiators for over 40 years, delivering quality cooling solutions for our customers across the world. GHT advanced [...]

Linear Cable Engines

Linear Cable Engines (LCE) FET’s Dynacon product line provides Linear Cable Engines for subsea applications to facilitate cable handling with two designs incorporating either track tensioners or standard wheel power modules. Features & Benefits Containerized Modular design Standardized with exchangeable components Designed for easy integration Optimized efficiency and decreased necessary deck capacity All structural components [...]


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2,250 BHP Triplex Frac Pump 2,250 BHP Triplex Frac Pump The J2250 is a field-proven frac pump delivers superior performance and pump life. It features a standard footprint and can be swung in place of most 2,250 BHP frac pump power ends. The J2250 is compatible with most standard triplex fluid ends. Rod Load:  250,000 [...]


J2500 2,500 BHP Quintuplex Frac Pump 2,500 BHP Quintuplex Frac Pump The J2500 is a field-proven frac pump delivers superior performance and pump life. It features a standard footprint and can be swung in place of many 2,500 BHP frac pump power ends. The J2500 is compatible with most 52“ quintuplex fluid ends. Rod Load:  [...]

Verpacker/ Lagermitarbeiter (m/w/d)

Deine Aufgaben ·         Allgemeine Verpackungs- und Versand Tätigkeiten ·         Innerbetrieblicher Transport mit handgeführten Flurförderzeugen und Staplern ·         (De-)Montage von Bauteilen ·         Sachgemäße Sicherung der Produkte und Ware ·         Sachgemäße Reinigung, Konservierung und Verpackung   Dein Profil ·         Berufserfahrung als Schreiner, Schreinerhelfer, Messebauer oder Tischler oder ähnliche Qualifikationen ·         Erfahrung oder Kenntnisse im Bereich Exportverpackung von […]

Production Supervisor

Summary: Directly supervises production employees involved in teardown, process, repair, assembly, and production operations. Accomplishes overall manufacturing goals and is proactive in process improvement. Enforces work rules. Supervises 1-15 employees. Handles special projects, as assigned. Job Duties/Responsibilities ·         This position requires skills to facilitate the completion of the service production jobs. ·         Makes decisions regarding […]

Kaufmännischer Mitarbeiter (m/w/d) im Versand, gerne auch als Berufseinstieg/Quereinstieg

Deine Aufgaben ·         Erstellung von Zolldokumenten sowie Präferenznachweisen ·         Ausschreibung und Vergabe von Transportaufträgen ·         Importabwicklung ·         Akkreditivabwicklung ·         Verbuchen von Warenausgängen ·         Fakturierung der gelieferten Waren ·         Zusammenarbeit und Informationsaustausch mit Speditionen und internen Fachabteilungen   Dein Profil ·         Kaufmännische Ausbildung oder Studium der Betriebswirtschaftslehre ·         Schulung gemäß Kapitel der DVO (EU) 2015/1998 […]