Suction Manifolds

Forum Offers three styles of Suction manifolds for both triplex and quintuplex frac pumps.

  • Racetrack Suction Manifolds
  • Zoomie Suction Manifolds
  • Log Style Suction Manifolds

Racetrack Suction Manifolds

Kick your fleet into overdrive with the Race Track Manifold. Designed to deliver unmatched performance, superior flow, and prevent cavitation. The Race Track Manifold will help keep your fleet up and running at peak performance.

  • Style: Valve-over-valve fluid ends
  • Sizing: 2250 Triplex, 52” Quintuplex, 60” Quintuplex
  • Can replace log style and zoomie manifolds without modification
  • Unique race track design improves fluid flow to prevent sand build up and and sand-offs.
  • Fits most standard valve-over-valve fluid ends.