Air to Air Coolers

We have manufactured Charge Air Coolers for nearly 20 years and various designs of our coolers have withstood burst pressures of over 2200 psi without failure.

Consider the 2200 psi figure, and keep in mind that your Charge Air Cooler typically operates between 15-50 psi.

  • We offer Class 8 Truck Charge Air Coolers to replace OEM CACs
  • We offer custom design and engineering for industrial CAC requirements
  • We have 4 different internal fin choices to design with
  • We have 5 different external fin choices to design with
  • Our pricing is among the lowest in the world

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Six Reasons to Upgrade to Forum’s Premium Air-to-Air Cooler

Why You Should Buy a GHT Premium Air-to-Air Cooler: 6 Solid Reasons to Consider

  1. Zero-Leak Guarantee
    Global Heat Transfer is the only air-to-air cooler manufacturer offering a guaranteed “Zero-Leak Standard”. 5 to 7 psi leakage may be acceptable to other manufacturers but not to us. Zero leakage is the only acceptable standard to GHT.
  2. Premium Construction
    GHT has put more than 30 years of experience behind every Premium Air-to-Air Cooler design. Our cores are welded directly to the tank eliminating the need for a traditional header which is the number one cause of cooler failures. In fact, we’ve tested our coolers *up to 2200 psi* without any failures– far beyond the 15-50 psi of regular operation.
  3. Never Replace Your Cooler Again
    As well as costing you thousands of dollars in extra fuel costs and causing poor engine performance, a leaking air-to-air cooler will only get progressively worse over time. Seeing as you will have to replace it anyways, why not replace it with a GHT Premium Air-to-Air Cooler? We guarantee that there will be instant benefits. It will be the last air-to-air cooler you will ever need to buy for your truck.
  4. Improved Fuel Economy
    At 160,000 km per year, a leaking cooler can cost you *more than $6,000* in extra fuel costs. The cost to replace the leaking cooler with a GHT Premium Air-to-Air Cooler can typically be recovered in 3 months or less!
  5. Wide Selection Available
    We have custom-built Air-to-Air Coolers for the biggest names in the industry including:

    • Kenworth
    • Peterbilt
    • Western Star
    • International / Navistar
    • Freightliner
    • Sterling
    • Volvo
    • Mack

And more…