Smart Monitoring

Significantly reduce your downtime and maintenance costs with GHT’s Smart Monitoring Technology.

Ongoing Challenges


One of the biggest challenges operators face in the field is that they don’t know a radiator is plugged until they get an engine alarm saying the engine is overheating. And, the only time that happens is when operators are on a job and need that piece of equipment to be running.

To solve an overheating issue, field operators must take the pump offline and either clean it in the field or at a district.

If the radiator is cleaned in the field, there is a risk of contaminating water supply causing environmental issues.


In addition, operators are significantly short staffed. Finding experienced staff is extremely difficult. New hires have little to no experience and can wreck multimillion-dollar pieces of equipment if they do not
perform the right maintenance when needed.

On the flip side, skilled operators on site are over-tasked and not have time to stop and clean a radiator.
Many times companies can’t afford to put hands on cleaning radiators when other more pressing maintenance issues are needed

Features and Benefits
  • Proactively plan your maintenance
  • Reduce expensive downtime
  • Reduce costly damage to engine, transmission, fluid end, power end, and hydraulics
  • Extend life of engine, transmission, fluid end, power end, and hydraulics
  • Eliminate staff in field having to clean radiators
  • Only clean radiators when you need to
  • No upfront installation costs
  • Track Assets and generate reports from region to region or asset to asset.
  • GHT Asset Monitoring (AM) comes with an integrated maintenance monitoring module.