Actuators, Operators & Accessories

  • Direct-mount ISO pattern gear operators through 66,000 in-lbs
  • Double Rack & Pinion pneumatic actuators with 100 degrees of adjustable rotation
  • Fully reversible actuator rotation for CW or CCW rotation on spring stroke
  • Declutchable worm gear over-rides for point of use actuated valve operation
  • Special handles, such as: latch-lock, oval, extended, balancing stop and tee handles
  • Solenoids, limit switches, breather blocks, ISO reducing bushings
  • All-stainless steel actuator mounting brackets & drivers for all ball & butterfly valves

GO Series

  • 1000 to 66,000 in-lb models
  • ISO pattern mounting
  • Weatherproof design with external lubrication fitting
  • Direct-mount on all Quadrant BFV and flanged ball valves
  • Standard upper NAMUR pattern for mounting of limit switches & indicators
  • External failure upon over-torque
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C Series

  • Double acting or spring return
  • 250 to 11,000 in.-lbs. output torque ratings
  • ISO and Namur mounting
  • Dual position limit stops and 100 degree rotation
  • Retained spring packs
  • SS fasteners
  • Epoxy coated end caps
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Handle Options

  • Stainless steel construction spring return, or “Dead-man” handles
  • Available for ¼” to 1” Quadrant series S1-SS, S2-SS or SB-CS & SS ball valves
  • SS construction provides excellent corrosion resistance for extended service life in difficult environments
  • Provides positive assurance that ball valve will return to pre-determined position when the human operator disengages from handle
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Special Trim

  • Monel balls & stems
  • Hastelloy-C balls & stems
  • Alloy-20 construction threaded & flanged ball valves
  • Virgin TFM seats & seals
  • PEEK seats & seals

Actuator Accessories

  • Double-square reducing inserts
  • Breather blocks to insure ambient air does not enter spring return actuator
  • Solenoid valves
  • Limit switches
  • Pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners
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