AMPIX Condition Monitoring

O&G companies continue to look for opportunities to reduce non-productive time (NPT) for their operations. Real-time asset condition monitoring can provide insights into operational processes and equipment health that can reduce NPT 20-40% annually.

Forum’s AMPIX™ Rig Condition Monitoring is the solution for real-time process monitoring, operational data analytics and optimizing maintenance intervals. AMPIX provides users with customized alerts, real-time data trending and live visualization of rig operations. Variables monitored include (but are not limited to):

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Flow
  • Voltage/Current
  • Oil Quality

Identifying problems before they become serious optimizes your asset management and improves overall fleet performance. With AMPIX, users have continuous access to the operational data and equipment condition through our web portal and mobile app. The system also sends SMS/email alerts based on customizable thresholds.

  • Increased uptime/reduced NPT.
  • Reduces/eliminates unplanned failures.
  • Reduces overall maintenance costs.
  • Improves equipment performance.
  • Increases asset life.
  • Enables proactive maintenance and repair.
  • Prioritizes actions and streamlines operations.
  • Increases efficiency of asset management.
  • Reduce mean time to repair
  • Increased operational performance