Consistent oil-to-water mixing is especially critical for efficient desalting and dehydration in refinery operations. Traditional inline mixers, static mixers and mixing valves may not disperse process water evenly into crude oil, creating an overly-stable emulsion that is hard to separate. Irregular mixing can also lead to erratic power system voltage readings, excessive water carry-over/oil carry-under and too many solids in produced water.

The lingering effects of unbalanced mixing continue throughout downstream operations, manifesting as elevated power consumption, higher operating/maintenance costs and increased corrosion risks. Choosing an effective mixer is essential for successful refinery operations.

ForuMix™ offers the oil and gas industry’s most advanced and adjustable multiphase mixer, specifically designed for dual-fluid mixing. Traditional static mixers have inherently extreme local shear forces that lead to tight emulsion (high shear force) or oversized water droplets with poor mixing efficiency (low shear force). In contrast, ForuMix™ leverages a unique design that exerts homogeneous shear force across the entire cross section of process flow and produces uniform droplets.

This modulated multiphase technology ensures not only good mixing, but also enhanced downstream separation. Consistent water droplet size/distribution density also maximizes coalescence inside the desalter, making water-oil separation more efficient while lowering power usage.

  • Adjustable degree of mixing
  • High mixing efficiency throughout operation range (high turndown)
  • Highly efficient multiphase mixing
  • Low emulsion formation/highly efficient separation for multiphase mixing
  • Reduced pressure drop (2-5 psi versus norm 7-20 psi)
  • No dead mixing space
  • Reduced chemical/water consumption
  • Orientation-free installation
  • Compact, small-footprint design
  • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • High return on investment


ForuMix can be applied anywhere that needs the homogeneity of a mixture or an increased contact surface area between the two mixing fluids (e.g. absorption, extraction, dispersion, and drying).

Crude Oil Desalting and Dehydration

Wash water injection and mixing into crude oil is at the core of the desalting and dehydration process. ForuMix offers efficient utilization of wash water and chemicals, effective salt content removal and improved crude water separation. The improved internal mixing sphere design improves water droplet size distribution, enhances salt mass transfer between the oil-water phase and improves downstream oil-water separation (less basic sediment and water, oil-in-water rates and salt content.

Liquid-Liquid Mixing

ForuMix offers a unique multiphase mixing technology that effectively mixes two liquid streams — oil-oil, oil-water, water-water — to guarantee a uniform mix during any part of the process.

Multiphase Mixing

ForuMix can be applied for both single and multiphase flows for oil, water and gas. It ensures homogeneous multiphase distribution for accurate sampling during quality control and production-monitoring activities. By providing homogeneous mixing, ForuMix improves induced-gas flotation processes via uniform bubble distribution/ bubble surface area that increases adherence to suspended matter in the water.

Chemical Injection

By providing high fluid exposure among different flows, ForuMix enhances the performance of production chemicals such as flocculants, emulsion breakers, scavengers and inhibitors. By mitigating overdosing, it reduces operating expenditure and can greatly influence the overall downstream process.