Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU)

FET Vapor Recovery Units (VRU) aid in the removal and recovery of unwanted or excess vapors present in crude oil or distillate tanks. These units allow operators to comply with prevailing emission regulations while recovering valuable hydrocarbon gas. The recovered vapors, that may have otherwise been flared/vented without the VRU, can then be used as fuel or for revenue generation.  

For natural gas producing wells and installations, VRUs can collect low-pressure vapors from various low-pressure systems and boost their pressure up to the required inlet for the main compressors or for fuel usage. A vapor recovery system for storage tanks can be used to recover vent gas from crude oil and distillate tanks at storage facilities.  

Vapor Recovery Units are mechanically driven and are powered by an electric motor or gas engine, depending on available power or energy source. The unit works on a similar principle as other compression systems based on ideal gas law.  Our VRU systems can be employed in a wide range of oil and gas installations/plants with several variants available 

FET Vapor Recovery Unit
FET Vapor Recovery Unit - Internals

Emission Control 

The FET VRU captures hydrocarbon vapors that might otherwise be vented. Emissions are reduced up to 95% compared to storage tanks and other liquid or vapor systems. 

Cost Savings / New Revenue Streams 

Vapor Recovery Units capture vapors from oil, condensate storage gas, or low volume gas from two oil separators that are operating at low pressure. The recovered vapors can be used for fuel gas, which is needed in the facilities or sent to the pipelines. The vapor can be used as a potential revenue stream or as cost savings from fuel gas use.  

Minimized HSE Risks 

The protection of the health, safety, and environment of the operating area are important, and FET’s VRU helps with minimizing HSE risks. Our VRU captures harmful gases that are flammable, carcinogenic, or may cause health risks. The FET VRU provides increased environmental protection by capturing the gas vapor and reducing venting or flaring of hydrocarbon vapor and gases. 

Fire Hazard Reduction 

Uncaptured tank vapor contains a high percentage of methane, which is highly combustible. If not captured, and in the presence of an ignition source, uncaptured vapors can lead to a fire. Capturing the combustible vapors helps minimize fire risks.  

Compressor Superiority 

The FET VRU uses oil-flooded screw compressors for higher reliability and increased performance when compared to other compressor technology. Our VRU package’s inlet scrubber/separator performs with very high efficiency.