Vanishing Port™ Toe Sleeve

The FET Davis-Lynch Vanishing Port™ Toe Sleeve features a full-bore one-piece sub with pressure actuated discs. Designed to be run on the bottom of a cemented casing string, Vanishing Port provides the ability to pressure-test the casing and shear out one or more discs to initiate the first stage of fracturing. Once a disc is sheared, the casing can be circulated to allow pumping down the perforating
guns for the first stage of fracturing. The plugs will also dissolve after an extended period of time in most water or oil-based completion fluids.


  • • One-piece short design for easier handling, and full torque rating.
  • Nominal OD at or slightly larger than casing connection OD.
  • Full-bore drift ID of the casing string.
  • Disc shear pressures available to 15,000psi.
  • Large ID (1.22”) for flow after disc shear out.
  • Discs dissolve after an extended period of time (5-7 days) to allow communication without applying extreme pressure to the casing.
  • Can be customized with as few as one disc to as many as desired. Six is standard.
  • Discs are one-directional and therefore unaffected by high-external (collapse) pressures seen when floating casing strings into longer laterals.
  • Available with non-dissolving discs, if required.