Fatigue modeling and field operational experience prove that this unique design consistently eliminates bias-weld fatigue spikes for superior running footage. Customer-engineered SMARTaper™ tubing strings increase horizontal reach and add strength in high-fatigue zones while managing the overall weight of the tubing string. The result: You can make longer horizontal runs and more of them with a single string. Sizes and grades are available to handle the higher pressures and demands of extended-reach horizontal wells.

Revolutionary, patented coiled tubing technology

  • Allows optimization of string design based on well characteristics
  • Maximizes coiled tubing fatigue life
  • Enables extended horizontal reach
  • Effectively eliminates bias weld de-rating factors
  • While unconventional plays worldwide have created a boom in oil and gas activity, they present numerous challenges for the coiled tubing industry. Thanks to Global Tubing’s new SMARTaper™, customers have unprecedented opportunity to improve performance while conducting coiled tubing drillouts and other activities in extended-reach horizontal wells.
Wall Thickness

0.087 in. (2.00 mm) to 0.337 in. (8.60 mm)

Outside Diameters

0.750 in – 19.05 mm to 5.000 in – 127.0 mm

Tubing Grades (Yield Strength)

GT-90 (90,000 psi yield)
GT-100 (100,000 psi yield)
GT-110 (110,000 psi yield)


SMARTaper™ Brochure (451k)

Certificates held by Dayton manufacturing facility.