Hyperbaric Pressure Test Facility

Forum has a comprehensive hydrostatic pressure test facility including one of the largest horizontal vessels in Europe. The facility provides the opportunity for sub-sea equipment manufacturers to have their products pre-qualified at a fraction of the cost of actually conducting sea tests. The vessels have pressure ratings up to 8000 psi (550 bar).

The large chamber is pressurised, electrically driven water pump which can pressurise the chamber to a maximum rate of 58psi per minute. There are a maximum of twenty-two 25 mm penetrations for electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and instrumentation.

Forum have extensive experience in using these to operate client equipment in hyperbaric conditions. The horizontal loading system simplifies the installation and hookup of test equipment. A 20 Tonne overhead crane can be used for heavy test pieces. The hydrostatic pressure test vessel is fitted with a detachable semi-ellipsoidal end cap for easy loading of components. All Testing is carried out to Health and Safety Executive Guidance GS4 Standard.

In addition to the hydrostatic pressure test facility, there is a 6m deep tank available for wet commissioning or full-scale interface tests. The tank is 9 meters wide and 10 meters long enabling full ROV systems be tested.

Vessel Information