Desalter Replacement Parts & Field Service

FET values lasting relationships, and purchasing an EDGE solution is only the start of our long-term commitment to your success. Our TWIC-certified global team supports numerous types of electrostatic equipment with a broad range of aftermarket services and parts, including:

  • Inspections, observation, optimization and performance evaluations
  • On-site and remote troubleshooting
  • Site assistance for new and retrofit installations
  • Commissioning and start-up services
  • On-site operator training
  • Entrance bushings and replacement bushing housings (various body materials)
  • CN registration and ATEX certification
  • Alloy and carbon-metal insulator products
  • Wire and weight connection kits
  • Transactor retrofits, replacements and parts
  • Monitoring panel replacement and parts

Entrance Bushings

FET also supplies an extensive catalog of high-voltage entrance bushing products suited to any desalter/dehydrator. Features include:

  • Simplified installation with no vessel entry
  • Alloy cable/connection kits are available with each bushing
  • High quality Modified Teflon material

FET also offers a variety of other parts including transformer/power unit entrance bushings, insulators, and transformer replacements & refurbishment services.