P-Quip Mud Pump System

Drilling consumables such as mud pump systems and their components can drastically increase your uptime while reducing costs and health/safety/environmental (HSE) risks. To support your drilling needs, Forum’s patented P-Quip® mud pump system offers a single-source solution that integrates high-quality fluid end components for maximum longevity and performance.

With more than 20 years of successful operation in severe environments, P-Quip offers a proven track record for the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. As part of our commitment to quality, our mud pump parts use patented Banded Bore™ technology that significantly reduces stress concentrations and leads to longer module life.

One of Forum’s most committed core values is that “no one gets hurt,” and the P-Quip system is designed to support that principle. Streamlined and easy to use, it reduces or eliminates the need for manual force during maintenance, shrinking the time needed to replace high-use components and minimizing safety risks.

P-Quip High Performance Rod System

Nothing improves your bottom line as much as longer equipment life and better drilling performance. Forum’s P-Quip® rod system – part of the P-Quip fluid end mud pump solution – is designed to meet these goals by eliminating the downtime problems associated with traditional clamp systems.

P-Quip’s streamlined system allows you to dismantle and re-assemble a complete rod system in less than five minutes, reducing downtime and safety issues associated with maintenance. Powerful spring forces provide a quick connection between the pony rod and piston rod, virtually eliminating pony-to-piston rod misalignment and wear. The optimized design also enhances rod life by avoiding traditional flanged joints that are prone to wear and breakage. The self-aligned placement of the rod extends the life of the piston and liner, significantly improving drilling performance.

  • Less downtime (five-minute piston changes)
  • Reduced safety risks and fewer lost-time incidents
  • Improved drilling efficiency and piston/liner life vs. traditional flanged rod designs
  • Integral liner flush systems
  • No heavy clamps or connecting threads and studs
  • Automatically controlled clamping force – no more broken rod ends
  • Versions available for most pumps from 1,000-2,200 horsepower

P-Quip High Performance Liner Retention System

Forum’s P-Quip® liner retention system – part of the P-Quip fluid end mud pump solution – is a key component of your drilling operation. The exclusive, patent-pending system is simple, easy to operate and can maximize drilling efficiency. Powerful spring mechanisms hold liners firmly to the fluid end during drilling, and liner movement is almost imperceptible even during high-pressure operations. Not only does this extend liner and piston life, but the known value of the spring force makes under- and over-tightening almost impossible.

  • Decreased downtime, with up to 75 percent faster liner change-out times
  • Inherently safe, with no hammers or cheater bars needed for installation
  • Reduced lifecycle cost
  • Improved efficiency, positive liner retention design to minimize liner movement
  • Automatic clamping to eliminate under- and over-tightening
  • Easy operation with conventional air- or hand-operated hydraulic pump
  • Direct replacement for original equipment manufacturer equipment
  • Versions available for most pumps from 1,000-2,200 horsepower

P-Quip ML Series Valve Cover

The patent-pending P-Quip® ML Series Valve Cover is a plug-and-play solution for today’s high-pressure mud pumps. This system was specifically developed to reduce downtime, increase safety, and improve overall equipment life. The robust design and backward compatibility with existing fluid end modules allow for a simple install as no modifications are required to your existing modules. The ML Valve Cover provides quick access to replaceable components for easy maintenance in the field.

The ML Valve Cover is operated with an impact wrench which eliminates hazards associated with hammer swinging on alternative valve covers. The simplified design of this system allows the rig crew to access and secure valves and seats in less than 90 seconds, reducing downtime.

  • Reduces downtime/increases efficiency
  • Improves rig safety
  • One-piece locking system enables consistent retention
  • Significantly increases valve and seat life
  • Prevents leakage and excessive plug “breathing” during pump operation
  • Robust design eliminates binding or locking during installation and removal
  • Retraction and expansion controlled by guides for smooth operation
  • Offshore corrosion-resistant system, including environmental seal
  • Anti-Vibration locking thread maintains positive sealing action
  • Plug and play solution
ML Series Valve Cover

P-Quip FP Valve Cover System

Forum’s valve cover retention system – part of the P-Quip® fluid end mud pump solution – offers quick, easy access to valves and seats while reducing the downtime associated with drilling maintenance. The valve covers are sealed firmly in the fluid end by means of a spring mechanism, preventing valve plug and screw gland movement. Eliminating the need for hammer-tightening of threaded-cap retainers simplifies the process and also minimizes safety risks.

  • Decreased downtime with simple installation and change-outs
  • Reduced lost-time incidents, no need for hammers and cheater bars
  • Improved drilling efficiency and equipment via automatic clamping
  • Easy operation with conventional air- or hand-operated hydraulic pumps
  • Versions available for most pumps from 1,000-2,200 horsepower
  • Direct replacement for original equipment manufacturer parts
P-Quip Valve Cover

P-Quip High Performance Discharge Strainer System

Minimizing equipment change-out time and associated safety incidents are among the most important goals of your operation. As part of Forum’s P-Quip® fluid end mud pump solution, our discharge strainer system is designed with powerful spring mechanisms that allow five-minute changes and clean-outs for strainers. By eliminating the need for hammers or cheater bars, the valve cover system also helps reduce both safety risks and costly downtime.

  • Decreased downtime and quick strainer changes/clean-outs
  • Inherently safer, no hammers or cheater bars needed
  • Reduced lifecycle cost
  • Improved drilling efficiency/equipment, stable cover during operation
  • Automatic clamping, no more under-or over-tightening
  • Easy operation with conventional air- or hand-operated hydraulic pumps
  • Direct replacement for original equipment manufacturer parts
  • Rugged stainless steel strainer tubes
  • Versions available for most pumps from 1,000-2,200 horsepower

P-Quip Wash Pipe System

Changing wash pipes is one of the most dangerous and costly procedures performed on a drilling rig. To minimize these risks, Forum’s P-Quip® wash pipe system is designed with the safety of your crew in mind. By making wash pipe and packing changes possible within just a few minutes, the normal downtime for wash pipe change-outs – and the need for hammering – is virtually eliminated.

The innovative P-Quip wash pipe system has been field-tested around the world including the United States (land and offshore), North Sea offshore, etc. With proven success in providing longer life in high-pressure, high-temperature environments, it also helps prevent premature wash pipe failures that can increase non-productive drilling time.

  • Decreased downtime with easy installation, change-outs completed in minutes
  • Inherently safer, no hammers needed to tighten/loosen nuts
  • Improved drilling efficiency and equipment life with hard-surface wash pipe
  • Easy operation with built-in air cylinder that fully energizes packing
  • Fully rig serviceable, clear operating instructions
  • Handles for safer working

Heavy Duty Valve Seat Puller

Because traditional seat puller jacks often provide inadequate jacking force, preheating and water-shock cooling are used to compensate for lack of performance. These time-consuming operations not only delay production but can also accelerate or damage the valve area of fluid end modules. Forum’s P-Quip® Kwik-Pull valve seat puller resolves these problems by offering a very high load capacity and long stroke.

  • Very heavy duty jack and stem with 220 tons of pull
  • Cold removal for most seats
  • Two-inch piston travel, no more stroking out jack before backlash is taken up
  • Easy operation with conventional air- or hand -operated hydraulic pumps
  • Fitted with convenient integral lifting and restraining eyes
  • Suitable for all type of mud pumps and cover systems