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Coiled Line Pipe Products & Services

Advanced Coiled Line Pipe or CLP technology continues to have an increasing demand throughout the world for coiled tubing products and services. In order to render the best CLP and line tubing products and services, some of the most talented and experienced people in the industry are involved.

Beginning in 2014, Global Tubing began producing Coiled Line Pipe (Coiled Tubing Pipeline) products at its Dayton facility using a state-of-the-art continuous pipe mill with the industry’s first in-line coating capability.

Site experts agree that CLP is a perfect solution when it comes to oilfield applications. In a tech-driven world, we offer numerous coiled tubing pipelines. In terms of size, they can range from 3/4-inch to 5-inch OD that has wall thicknesses between 0.087 and 0.337 inches.

Typically, the most used applications revolve around permanent and temporary offshore and onshore installations. In line with coiled line pipe suppliers in the USA, we offer an extended range of services and will continue to maintain a high competitive drive as leading manufacturers in the USA.

Coiled line tubing equipment in United States


We offer state-of-the-art Coiled Line Tubing/ CLP Energy Transition Solutions. Over the years, we continue to deliver top-notch performance and efficiency for hydrogen, geothermal, biogas, emissions management, and carbon capture markets

Offshore and Onshore Applications

You can count on our high-quality and premier flowline solutions for offshore as well as onshore applications. Whether it’s gas and water injections, permanent or temporary fuel lines, or production-based flowlines, we know how to efficiently and effectively deliver to our clients.

When it comes to offshore applications, we have the resources, experience, and capabilities to handle Subsea Pipelines, Subsea Flowlines, Chemical Injection Lines, Umbilical Tubes, and Service Lines.

Our Standard Flowline Services

We are experts at delivering comprehensive flowline services that cater to “your” needs including:

  • Pipe Stringing Services
  • Contractor Training
  • Project Planning

  • Inventory Management
  • Equipment Installation Rentals
  • Cost Impact Reviews

The use cases of coiled line pipe are diverse and that means you can use it for Umbilical Applications, Standalone Chemical Injection Lines, Subsea Flowlines Pipelines, etc.

Our Unique Coating Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art coating manufacturing involves 3-layer pipe coating systems to render exterior protection for steel pipelines in the oil and gas industry. Our years of rendered services affirm that 3-layer systems provide distinct advantages to chemical, electrical, and mechanical polyolefin resistance. What’s more is that this aligns perfectly with the epoxy adhesion to metal.

Coiled Line Pipe: Our Certifications and Qualifications

When it comes to FET’s coiled line pipe, we possess standard HSEQ that is recognized by ISO 9001 and Q1 certifications. On top of that, we also provide an API 5LCP monogram license and all our pipe coatings comply with industry standards.

Why Opt For Coiled Line Pipe for Offshore

We can help you install a coiled line pipe that extends to several miles or kilometers without a centralized pipe weld. Whether it’s the consolidation of larger carousels, vertical reels, or direct shipping reel, we offer flexible installation options. During installation and design, our effective coatings ensure unrivaled subsea protection for the entire pipeline.

Contact us and deliver the most robust coiled line pipe for onshore and offshore applications today!

Certificates held by Dayton manufacturing facility.

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