Forum Energy Technologies manufactures high performance wireline cables for the oil and gas industry, specializing in cased hole wireline cables for all environments.

As a leading wireline cable OEM, our team is committed to providing our customers with quality cable solutions. Utilizing the latest manufacturing and quality control equipment in the industry, our team is able provide customers with a range of cable options.

Dedicated to producing the perfect cable, our innovative team of experts developed a unique extrusion process for improved cable performance. Engineered to outperform industry standards, our wireline cables are also able to withstand both the considerable pressure and extreme temperature of well conditions.

The Quality Difference at Forum

Our quality control program is a five-star system with over 1,500 quality control checks during the manufacturing of each and every cable. This unparalleled effort results in cables that are approaching perfect in every way.

Our five-star quality system includes the following:

  • A detailed quality control inspection performed on all finished cables ensuring electrical and mechanical
  • A complete and detailed final inspection report and quality control document supplied with every cable and is archived along with a physical sample of the cable in the event it is required in the
  • During the manufacture process the diameter and ovality of a cable is measured using laser technology at multiple points to ensure the consistency of the Digital history is logged and recorded detailing the diameter, ovality and concentricity of the extruded core, and the diameter and ovality of the inner and outer armor. Little is left to error with this level of quality control.
  • Each finished cable once tested is covered with a flexible wrap to protect it during
  • Our Quality Management System is registered to ISO-9001:2015.
Quality Wireline & Cable

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