Custom Projects

Custom solutions can be provided from across the whole of the Forum product range from specific subsea vehicles through to intervention tooling and bespoke buoyancy modules.

The mission-critical experience of our engineers enables them to design custom solutions for virtually any situation. Clients look to Forum based on the proven experience that we can take on difficult challenges and deliver. Development of custom and bespoke intervention tooling is a core service the Forum provides to its clients.

As intervention and process control equipment become more sophisticated, advanced control systems are needed to collect and distribute the data to the end user. Integral to many of our custom solutions is the Perry control system technology which offers field-proven solution that can be configured to suit clients needs.

Manipulator for Nuclear Decommissioning

  • Radiation hardened system for nuclear Decommissioning
  • Advanced control ensures no electronics in arm
  • Roof Mounted
  • 168kg Maximum Lift Capacity
  • 75kg Lift through full range of travel

Skirt Can Installation Control System

  • Ballast control system
  • Full software control
  • 120 ROV/Remote operated ballvalves
  • Ballast pumps supplied
  • Successful installation of three rig foundations

Tampen Link Pre-Heat System

  • Subsea Weld pre-heat control system.
  • Used to hot tap into main gas pipeline from UK to Norway

Well Intervention Control System

  • Control System for rig less well intervention lubricator tools
  • 7 off 12 station hydraulic control manifolds + control manifold
  • Battery backup power in event of lost umbilical
  • Accumulator backup allows hydraulic backup in case of lost umbilical

J-Tube Diaphragm Seal Cutter

  • Hydraulically Operated Cutting Tool
  • Battery backup power in event of lost umbilical.
  • Light weight design to allow fitment to Panther ROV

6.25“ Chain Cutter Gripper

  • Used to cut up to 6.25” Chain Links
  • ROV deployable Hydraulically Operated

GIRINO Pipe Crawler System

  • System included miniature HPU, valve pack, video head, pipe reforming tool.
  • Used with clients pipe crawling mechanism.

Riser Repair System

  • Apply clamp to seal leaking riser
  • ROV mounted tool
  • Hydraulic rams allow tool to ‘crawl’ along the pipe
  • Built in drill to vent riser
  • Depth rated 3,000m

Grab Skid

  • Bespoke Work Skid to Fit Fugro Sealion
  • Used to aid recovery of cargo from sunken ship
  • 2 off 90L reservoirs
  • IHPU
  • Smart Manifold
  • Sea water boost pump
  • QD’s and docking latches to interface with mechanical grab.

Deepwater Lift Line Running Tool

  • Robust Box Steel Construction
  • Payload protected within frame
  • SIT Tested