Line Heaters

Natural gas expands and cools rapidly when wellhead pressure is reduced using a pressure letdown device or “choke.” Line heaters heat the gas before and after pressure drop, preventing hydrate formations and freezing in lines, valves, and separators. They heat the gas in a high-pressure coil through indirect heat by heating a firetube submerged in a medium that transfers heat to the coil.

Line Heaters help maintain an optimal temperature in the well stream as pressures reduce rapidly to sales line requirements. They counteract the Joule Thomson effect due to abrupt temperature drops that occur when the gas stream passes through the pressure-reducing choke. Another use for line heaters is heating gas transmission lines.

FET Production Equipment manufactures standard line heaters ranging from 75,000 BTU/HR (20”OD) to 4MMBTU/HR (66”OD) and custom line heaters up to 15 MMBTU/HR (120”OD) with a variety of options to meet your requirements.

  • Engineered and designed per ASME Section VIII Div. I & ASME B31.3
  • FET manufactures, inspects, tests, and assembles in-house 100% of products
  • Full-time onsite project management
  • Full-time onsite electricians
  • Fully customized for either basic pneumatic or fully automated packages
  • ForumID – RFID technology
  • Fully turnkey automated package or bare unit
  • Onsite startup & commissioning available
  • User friendly designed with field crew safety in mind
Forum Line Heater