Catwalks serve not only as the staging areas for your rig and drilling tool activities, but as crucial foundations in your overall safety strategy. A well-designed catwalk significantly reduces tubular handling and minimizes operating hazards, creating a safer, more efficient rig site.

As the premier manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic catwalks, Forum continues to advance the safety and efficiency of drilling rigs all over the world. Our field-proven products minimize the hazards associated with direct tubular handling during the pickup and laydown processes, supporting your operations in all conditions and locations.

As the sole manufacturer and supplier of the respected Pipe Wrangler™ line of catwalks, our products combine a two-decade legacy of excellence with the latest engineering advancements to offer the most reliable catwalks in service today. Every detail, from mechanical innovation to meticulous fabrication, is designed to keep your rigs safe and productive while increasing profitability.

PipeWrangler Model 4500

The Wrangler™ 4500 is Forum’s newest addition to our extensive line of hydraulic catwalks. Safety and efficiency are at the forefront of this design, which caters specifically to high drill floors in areas with extremely high formation pressures..

Increased safety is a primary focus of the 4500, with numerous options to support this effort. For example,

  • Optional wireless control removes rig personnel from potentially hazardous areas.
  • Proximity sensors detect pipe presence at the end of troughs, creating an interlock that prevents unexpected pipe movement.
  • Loaded pipes can not accidentally be ejected from troughs during pickup and laydown processes, and
  • All interlock mechanisms securely maintains pipes until the tubulars are at optimal presentation.

The Wrangler 4500 operates on a free-standing, single-chassis design that increases efficiency, while remote and condition-based monitoring services provide real-time data acquisition. This feature helps you prioritize potential repairs, leading to reduced maintenance costs and increased equipment lifetime.

  • 16,000-pound V-door capacity
  • 10,000-pound capacity (16,000-pound option available)
  • Tubular range up to 30-inch casing
  • Wireless control option
  • Remote connectivity and condition-based monitoring
  • Radio-frequency identification (RFID-enabled)

Little Tripper

Forum’s newly redesigned Little Tripper™ portable catwalks support pipe pickup and laydown, efficiently delivering tubulars to the rig floor and back on well service and land rigs. Since these versatile units can accommodate working platforms from four to 40 feet, they support traditional operations for well servicing, casing and tubing running services and in snubbing-assisted completions in shale drill-outs and workovers. Available in both trailer-mounted and skid-mounted versions, they can handle tubulars up to 45’ in length and be fully operational in only a few minutes.

  • Removes critical operations personnel safely away from all hazard zones
  • Field-configurable to fit any installation from 4 to 40-foot delivery requirement
  • Accommodation for all heights of pipe racks, including stacked rows
  • No rig power or interface required
  • V-door not required
  • Tubular delivery up to 45 feet in length
  • Standard onboard hydraulic controls with one wired (100-foot) remote control unit
  • Robust, adjustable delivery height system
  • Self-contained, integrated tier 4 diesel hydraulic-powered unit
  • Trough skate to push and receive tubulars along the full length of the trough
  • One each 10-foot extension (28-foot trough height)
  • Interlocked trough kickers to prevent inadvertent operation when trough moves from home position
  • Hydraulically deployed stabilizing system
  • Hydraulically synchronized indexers and kickers
  • Three work lights
  • Quick-exchange interlocking trough extensions
  • Wireless controller
  • Additional 10-foot trough extension (to reach 33 feet)
  • Extended reach to 40 feet
  • Cold weather operations package
  • Cold weather storage package
  • Desert package
  • Power Swivel Assist Feature — includes controls integration of a mechanical arm to provide backup to the power swivel thread makeup in the trough

Mariner Series

Forum’s Mariner™ hydraulic catwalks are designed to work in offshore environments and handle all tubulars including drillpipe, bottom hole assemblies, tubing, casing and risers. Customized to meet your rig’s specific requirements, these rugged catwalks offer a unique retracting design that allows maximum crane access to all areas of the pipe deck.

In addition to the Mariner products, all of Forum’s land rig hydraulic catwalks can be utilized in the offshore environment on request, including the Wrangler™ and Tripper™ Series.

Features (Mariner 2500 Series)
  • Suitable for rig floor heights up to 25 feet
  • Suitable for tubular sizes up to 20 inches
  • Skate system for pushing/pulling pipe from well center
  • Local manual/direct hydraulic operation for emergency lowering of trough
  • Remote podium control operation from drill floor
Features (Mariner XLR Series)
  • Integrated hydraulic power supply
  • Suitable for tubular sizes up to 30 inches
  • Dual carrier system for safe, efficient, damage-free conductor handling
  • Fully integrated skate system for pushing/pulling pipe from well center
  • Integrated hydraulic traverse moving system to match configured drilling position changes
  • Remote podium control operation from drill floor
  • Local manual/direct hydraulic operation for emergency lowering of trough
  • Integrated three-and-a-half ton winch for manual operations
  • Drag chain and guidance system for utility feed to the unit

Both the Mariner 2500 and XLR models include numerous features that are standard on all of Forum’s hydraulic catwalks, along with extensive optional features. Standard features include:

  • Hydraulic leveling systems
  • Non-skid walking surfaces
  • Patented integrated skate system
  • Kickers that facilitate automated pipe unloading – to either side
  • Hydraulic gull wing pipe racks
  • Tiering system to accommodate stacked casing and tubing
  • Safety perimeter e-stop
  • Tubular laydown shovels
  • Podium-style controls

Wrangler Series

Pipe Wrangler® hydraulic catwalks play an integral part of step change efficiency gains and safety in today’s land rigs.

Designed for larger well servicing and drilling rigs, Forum’s Pipe Wrangler models 2000/3000/4000/5000 hydraulic catwalks are capable of handling tubulars up to 10,000 pounds with cycle times of approximately 30 seconds. Featuring numerous options and safety features, this catwalk series reduces typical drilling rig hazards and provides safer, more economical environments than conventional methods of pipe handling.

All models of land rig hydraulic catwalks can be utilized in the offshore environment upon request.

Standard Features
  • Rig floor heights up to 20 feet (Pipe Wrangler 2000)
  • Rig floor heights up to 30 feet (Pipe Wrangler 3000)
  • Rig floor heights up to 39 feet (Pipe Wrangler 4000)
  • 6.5+Pipe – 4500
  • Load handling up to 16,000 pounds
  • Hydraulic leveling system
  • Non-skid walking surfaces
  • Patented integrated skate system
  • Kickers that facilitate automated pipe unloading – to either side
  • Hydraulic gull wing pipe racks (1 set)
  • Tiering system to accommodate stacked casing and tubing
  • Perimeter e-stop system
  • Tubular laydown shovel
  • Strobe light
  • Safe trough stop
  • Podium-style controls
Optional Features
  • Wireless remote control
  • Outrigger stabilizers
  • Environmatting
  • Catwalk crawler
  • Tool basket
  • Multi-position front arm
  • V-door (conventional or hydraulic)
  • Casing size over 20 inches
  • Diesel hydraulic power unit
  • Removable snow panels
  • Special options available on request