Forum Process Precipitator (FPP)

The Forum Process Precipitator (FPP) is a revolution in technology in its class. Able to be utilized in the refining and processing of a wide variety of hydrocarbons, the FPP is easier to maintain and touts a longer run time in comparison to its predecessors.

The FPP can be used in the wash water of hydrocarbon distillate streams, dehydration, strong/weak caustic treating, and acid treating. The Precipitator is designed for a wide of range distillates such as butane, propane, liquified natural gas, alkylates, gasoline, naphtha, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel, and furnace oil.


In the Forum Process Precipitator (FPP), the fluid passes through the electrode assembly, where a DC electrical field sets the fluid droplets into rapid motion. As this occurs, the small reagent droplets that were not removed in the first zone collide and combine into larger droplets, which then separate from the distillate. The treating reagent, carrying with it the impurities, is removed by gravity.


  • Less downtime due to ease of maintenance
  • Longer run time than comparable technologies
  • Reduced chemical costs
  • Minimizes lost production and contamination of settled material
  • Improved reduction of hydrocarbon contaminants than comparable technology