GHT Radiators and Cooling Systems:
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We Know Radiators

As a leading cooling system manufacturer, FET | GHT (Global Heat Transfer) specializes in building industrial heat exchangers and delivering cutting-edge cooling solutions to customers worldwide for various applications, including Oil and Gas/Energy, Power Generation, Gas Compression, Renewables, and Mining.

With over 40 years of experience, our expertise in designing and delivering exceptional radiators and cooling systems is unmatched. We offer tailored designs that prioritize weight, size, performance, and field serviceability to meet your specific needs.

Advanced Cooling Solutions

Our comprehensive cooling solutions encompass the following:

Tailored Designs for Your Needs

Whether you prioritize weight, size, performance, field serviceability, or pricing, we can custom design a solution that meets your specific requirements.


Applications Served

At GHT, we specialize in creating robust cooling systems for diverse industries. Our project managers meticulously review each application to ensure precise sizing for optimal performance. Our proprietary thermal rejection software ensures that every cooling system we supply is tailor-made for your unique needs.

Key Applications:

    • Diesel Engines
    • Dual Fuel (Diesel/Gas)
    • Gas Reciprocating Engines
    • Hydrogen Engines
  • OIL & GAS
    • Frac / E-Frac Operations
    • Frac Pumping Units
    • Blenders
    • Turbine-Powered Cooling Systems
    • Drilling
    • Production
    • Vapor Recovery Units (VRUs)
    • Gas Cooling
    • Air Cooling
    • Oil Cooling
    • Engine Cooling
    • Ancillary Equipment

Feel free to explore our advanced cooling solutions and let us optimize your operations.

Cooling Systems providing Advanced Energy Transition Solutions. Delivering enhanced efficiency and performance for geothermal, hydrogen, biogas, carbon capture, and emissions management markets.

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