Cannon’s cable protection has a long history of helping subsea and offshore completions with ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operation of critical equipment in challenging marine environments. While the subsea landscape poses unique challenges, including extreme water pressures, corrosive seawater, and dynamic ocean currents, Cannon’s robust cable protection systems are proven to shield power and communication cables from these harsh conditions, preventing damage and maintaining the integrity of essential components.


Built with materials resistant to corrosion and mechanical stress, operators can extend the lifespan of subsea and offshore completion systems with Cannon cable protection systems, helping to minimize the need for costly interventions and enhancing overall operational efficiency. Cannon’s secure cable protection is integral in helping aide in the transmission of vital data between offshore installations and control centers, helping to enable real-time monitoring and decision-making.


View our subsea and offshore completions related solutions to learn about Cannon cable protection systems’ durability and reliability for the challenging and dynamic offshore environment.

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