Piping Skids

FET provides a variety of piping skid styles tailored to meet our customers’ specific requirements. These skids find applications in both production and midstream applications.

Skid Mounted Production Piping Skids

Modularly constructed skids designed for compactness, making them easy to transport and install in remote areas with limited space and resources.  These skids are primarily utilized in upstream production to transport water, sand, oil, and gas produced during the separation phase to storage tanks and measurement facilities.

Valve Manifold Skids

These modularly designed skids help control flow lines for disposal and seamlessly divert flow to isolate test equipment for calibration purposes. They find applications in both liquids and gases systems.

Compressor Header Skids

These compact, modularly constructed skids are commonly used in the midstream segment. They facilitate ease of transport and installation in remote areas. The piping on these skids carries various liquids and gases to and from compressors located within a facility.

Fuel Gas Conditioning Skids

Specifically designed for the midstream segment, these modular skids play a crucial role in reducing the BTU of the gas stream for compression fuel gas requirements or in facilitating flaring. Additionally, they focus on hydrocarbon dew point control and enhance the recovery of valuable NGLs from the well stream following upstream dehydration.

Features & Benefits:
  • Engineered and designed to customer specifications
  • Full-time onsite ASNT SNT-TC-1A Level II inspectors
  • Full-time onsite project management
  • Engineered and designed according to ASME B31.8
  • ForumID – RFID technology
  • Full turnkey design with all accessories provided, I&E, heat trace, and insulation capabilities
  • Hydro and X-ray on all skids
  • Custom painted to customer specifications
  • Reduced field set-up times
  • Lower HSE risks with fewer workers needed onsite to install
  • Improved project planning: Pricing (no hidden costs), Quality (controlled environment), & Delivery (no project delays due to weather)