Engineered Solutions

Coiled Tubing service companies and operators require safety, reliable and profitable performance from their coiled tubing strings, especially for difficult or high-profile projects worldwide. Global Tubing’s Engineered Solutions Team provides technical expertise in the design of coiled tubing strings that can accomplish operations with stringent, or extreme parameters, such as:

  • Extended Lateral Reach for Horizontal Wells
  • Deep High Pressure and High Temperatures
  • Tubing Weight Management for Logistical Considerations
  • Challenging Sour Conditions

By utilizing Global Tubing’s proprietary technologies: SMARTaper™, SMARTaper™ XL, and/or DURACOIL, our Engineered Solutions Team can design optimized fit-for-purpose coiled tubing strings that increase service life, reach capacity and overall performance within surface equipment weight limitations.

Extended Reach Applications

  • Lateral weight management
  • Strategic wall thickness placement
  • Rapid wall changes with SMARTaper™
  • Hourglass Configuration

High-Pressure Deepwater Operations

  • Combined Pressure Loading Analysis
  • Suitable D/T Ratio and Yield Strength
  • Weight Optimization

Fatigue Life Optimization

  • Strategic wall thickness Placement
  • Material Strength Selection
  • Bias Weld Fatigue Reduction with SMARTaper™

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