Edge Desalters

Available Designs

Forum’s unique electrostatic separation desalter/dehydrator technologies are available in several configurations that feature one, two or three electrodes, depending on power availability. These designs offer various distribution and electrode locations that are tailored to specific processing requirements and operational needs.

  • Original EDGE design
  • NU-STATIC® distillate treater/coalescer (DC)

As a critical phase of early processing, desalting crude oil extracts salts such as sodium, calcium and magnesium that are dissolved in water within the oil. Unless these compounds are removed, they lead to the formation of hydrochloric acid that increases corrosion risks for your equipment.

Forum’s desalter/dehydrator solutions leverage the legacy Howe-Baker electrostatic separation technology – an oil and gas standard for almost 75 years. Our EDGE® product line offers reliable desalters/dehydrators that utilize an AC-type electrostatic coalescing process to efficiently treat crude oil. Extracting contaminants – water, water-soluble salts, other hydrocarbons – from the oil flow helps reduce process equipment corrosion and extra transportation costs from factors such as increased viscosity.

During electrostatic dehydration, an electrode applies a high-voltage electrical field to an oil/water mixture and excites brine droplets inside the bulk oil, forcing it to separate. As the water falls out, so do many of the undesirable salts and solids. The EDGE electrical desalting separation leads to high-quality products for the upstream and refining industries.

Benefits and Features
  • Reduced salt carryover for minimized corrosion, chemical costs, equipment fouling/foaming, maintenance costs and unplanned shutdowns
  • Decreased water carryover for lower energy costs, stabilized unit operations, increased crude throughput, minimized slop oil production and reduced waste water treatment costs
  • Reduced power consumption and chemistry optimization
  • Solid-steel rod electrodes unaffected by high oxygen concentrations (typical life of +20 years)
  • Insulators (grid hangers) with proprietary materials, ensuring highest tensile strength in the industry
  • Optional severe service entrance bushing for higher pressure/temperature operation
  • Compatible with the ForuMIX™ high-efficiency multiphase mixer
  • In accordance with industry standards and best practices (ISO certified)
  • Extensive user list with installations around the world
  • Pilot plant services


EDGE Original

  • Lighter crudes
  • Crudes in production applications
  • Crudes with high water content
EDGE Desalter


  • Heavy or high-viscosity oil
  • Crude oil with high solids content
  • Synthetically produced oil
  • Emulsion-sensitive feed stocks
  • Higher throughput rates in existing vessels
  • Greater flexibility in changing feedstocks
EDGE II Desalter/Dehydrator


EDGE III combines all of the applications of the EDGE/EDGE II distribution systems into the same vessel for a highly flexible design. As properties of the crude oil change, the combined distribution systems offer optimal processing.

EDGE III Desalter


Processing of natural condensates, aromatics, reformer feed, virgin naphtha, distillates hydroxide, jet fuel/kerosene hydroxide, alkylate and distillates

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