Maximum efficiency and quality become even more critical as your oil and gas production moves downstream. To optimize your operations with higher uptime and lower costs, Forum specializes in advanced products to make downstream processing safer, more efficient and better for your bottom line. From industry-leading desalters to advanced multiphase mixers, see how our downstream solutions can enhance your production.

  • EDGE® desalter/dehydrator products leverage unique electrostatic technology to provide superior contaminant removal from crude oil (water, water-soluble salts, other hydrocarbons). In addition to reducing process equipment corrosion, EDGE helps minimize chemical/maintenance costs, equipment fouling/foaming and shutdowns.
  • ForuMIX™ offers the oil and gas industry’s most advanced multiphase mixer to maximize salt removal, balance water carry-over/oil carry-under rates, decrease desalter chemical consumption and lower power consumption.
  • Our process equipment catalog also includes regulators, safety shutdown devices, thermostats, motor control valve parts and trim, flame arresters, gaskets, level controls and glycol.
  • Forum’s skilled team of industry experts offers a full suite of field services including start-up/commission, training installation and maintenance programs. Our manufacturing processes hold numerous certifications including American Society of Mechanical Engineers R, S and U stamps and American Petroleum Institute 12F Monogram.