Rig Floor Equipment

Forum’s rig floor handling tools are designed to achieve your ultimate drilling goals: safer crews, faster operations and maximum uptime. These customizable solutions create precise lifting and superior control of tubular loads while offering low-profile installations that reduce clutter on rig floors. Our global teams of experts are ready to support your operations with installation, maintenance, optimization and training.

  • Manual slips that prevent pipe damage when setting heavy strings
  • Manual tongs that apply torque to thin-walled tubular connections without crushing or gouging
  • Mouseholes that allow make-up and set-back of drill pipe and collars without interrupting drilling
  • Power slips offer maximum capacity coupled with the safety of remote operation
  • Rotary bushings and hinged casing spiders simplify drill pipe and casing operations during pipe handling
  • Safety clamps that prevent tubulars from dropping into the wellbore, preventing downtime and fishing jobs
  • Slip lifters that reduce labor-intensive rig floor handling tasks and crew fatigue
  • Operational control panels support remote operations and minimize the risk of potential injuries

Power Slips

Power (or automatic) drill pipe slips are used to securely suspend tubulars while permitting crews to perform a full range of downhole tasks. By offering a powerful grip while transferring the loads from elevators, power slips keep crews safer while preventing pipe and slip damage caused by sudden movements or overloading.

Forum power slips are designed to maximize both safety and efficiency. Installed nearly flush in the rotary table, they de-clutter drill floor space and prevent slip-related injuries from tripping, pinching and lifting. Remote operation from driller cabins keeps personnel out of harm’s way, and integrated top guide systems ensure safe, firm and error-free gripping. Forum Power Slips allow quick installation and carrier assembly changes, maximizing uptime.

Multiple hydraulic power slip/elevator designs are available to handle long, heavy tubulars up to 22 inches with load weights up to 1,500 tons when installed in rotary tables. Offering flexible interchangeability among assemblies and insert carriers, a single frame supports all unit sizes. All Forum power slips are manufactured to the highest industry standards including the American Petroleum Industry (API).

Features (Across All Models)
  • Pipe sizes up to 22 inches
  • Load weight capacities up to 1,500 tons
  • Compatible with API rotary tables
  • Back-up torque up to 120,000 foot/pounds
  • Patented clamping systems
  • Hydraulic feedback for slip-ups and slip-downs
  • Central greasing systems
  • Top guide systems
  • Off-the-shelf inserts
  • Multiple adapters for rotary tables/original equipment manufacturers
  • Remote or standalone operation
  • Compliant with API 7K standards
  • Options: hand slip insert bowls, reduced bushings, wear guides, multi-coupling kits, pipe wiper systems, bit breaker adapter plates, etc.


The Forum PS-350 Power Slip handles vertical drill strings from 2 3/8“ to 14“. With the capability to manage a total weight of up to 350 tons, the PS-350 can be used in all common 27 1/2“ Rotary Tables.

  • Top guide system
  • Off-the-shelf inserts
  • Patented clamping system
  • Feedback “Slips down“
  • Quick change of carrier assembly during operation
  • Various adapters available

PS-500 & PS-750

FET Power Slips are designed for handling long, heavy tubulars from 2.3/8“ to 22“ and a capacity of 500 up to 1250 ton while installed in the Rotary Table. various adapters for different Rotary Table sizes and types are available. The Power Slip is equipped with a central greasing system and a hydraulic feedback for “Slips up” and “Slips down”.

Slip Lifter

Premium slip lifters and lifting systems offer the dual benefit of reducing crew injury and fatigue while increasing rig floor productivity. From individual lifters to fully integrated slip solutions, Forum offers pneumatic- and hydraulic-operated solutions to lift drill pipes safely and quickly. While we stock numerous standard options, slip lifters can also be tailored to your specific project needs.

Our PSA / PSH / Access Backsaver® slip lifters offer hydraulic or pneumatic options and can be actuated via remote driller cabin operation or standalone control panels. Rugged, lightweight and easy to install, these low-profile slips reduce labor-intensive pipe handling tasks aboard rigs and complement existing rig slips. They are field-proven to extend slip and insert life by consistently setting/raising slips at every connection and are also fully compatible with most brands of drill pipe slips.

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic models
  • Compatible with pin/square drive master bushings up to 49.5 inches
  • Installed into 25.75-inch pin drive holes
  • Two-ton downforce to mitigate safety clamp requirements (PSH model)
  • Hydraulic slips for feedback options (some models)
  • Standard 16-inch slip use (adapter kits required)

XP1000 System

The XP-1000 slip system includes a proprietary master bushing, insert bowl and slips designed to address ultra-high load requirements in deep drilling/deviation markets. It incorporates the hydraulically operated XP-1000 Backsaver slip lift – load rated for 1,000 tons – and offers both extended slip height and 80 percent-effective contact areas to reduce crushing forces.

  • Automated operation
  • Split 37.5-inch keyed master bushings
  • Split inner bowls with 90-degree orientation to master bushings
  • Patented slips and bowl tapers to reduce crushing forces
  • Patented load distributing slips and insert systems
  • American Petroleum Institute four-inch taper-per-foot insert bowls available
  • Compatible with XP-1000 elevators and control panels
  • Hydraulic feedback options available
  • Optional wear/deflection plates to protect bowls from wear

Hydraulic Casing Slip Lifter (HCSL)

The FET HCSL-350 Hydraulic Casing Slip Lifter is a power tool used to lift casing / conductor slips and reduce personnel fatigue and injuries through remote operation from the driller’s cabin or standalone control panels. It will also extend slip and insert life by properly setting and raising slips. The Slip Lifter can be used with FET standard casing / conductor slips from 18.5/8” – 30”.

  • Hydraulically operated, including feedback signal for “Slip set”; a “Slip up” signal is optional
  • Uses standard FORUM CSL slip segments, which improves slip
    segment utilization
  • Integrates into casing running tools and top drives
  • Designed with manual guide plate for different pipe sizes
  • Remote operations possible with an optional FORUM control

Flush Mounted Slip (FMS)

Because Forum’s Flush Mounted Slip Systems are mounted into the rotary table, they eliminate the need for work platforms, backup tools and operators, leading to better safety and efficiency. Removing personnel from the rig floor automatically reduces the risk of injury from tripping, pinching and other hazards. The flush slips also protect tubulars from stress, gouging and crushing. Offered as the FMS-500, the FMS is built to provide rugged service for numerous pipe sizes and load weights.

  • Pipe sizes: up to 14 inches
  • Load ratings: up to 500 tons
  • Various adapters for National/Emsco/Wirth rotary tables
  • Slotted top cover for facilitating control lines (optional)
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Elevator / Spider

Elevator spiders offer a flexible solution for lifting and suspending tubing, drill pipes and collars with today’s deep and deviated wells. Forum offers pneumatic and hydraulic casing elevator spiders that securely grip tubulars during vertical lifting into and out of wellbores. When fitted with equipment such as bails, link extensions and top drives, they function as elevators. Placed on rig floors, they serve as spiders that secure strings firmly in place to prevent damage and ensure smooth lifting.

Depending on the model selected, our elevator spiders can handle both flush tubulars and standard-coupling casings. In the event of a power loss, both the pneumatic and hydraulic models can be operated manually to increase crew safety and prevent down time. They accommodate numerous tubular/casing sizes and weights, with lifting load ratings from 250 to 1,250 tons.

  • Spider or elevator capability
  • Pipe size ranges up to 24.5 inches
  • Link compatibility 250-1,250 tons
  • Manual slip lifting possible in case of power loss
  • Numerous options and accessories, depending on model selected

Manual Slips

Drill pipe slips must meet the complicated challenge of being powerful enough to safely hold drill string weight while still offering a full range of operations. They play a critical role in transferring the load from the elevators to the rotary table. Forum slips are designed to withstand substantial dynamic loading without resulting in catastrophic failures such as slip toe damage, potentially endangering rig crews and/ or slowing down operations.

Featuring enhanced wraparound insert designs, Forum’s manual drill collar slips prevent bottlenecking and gouging damage while providing better contact and vertical drill pipe load distribution. The multi-segmented bodies are manufactured from heat-treated alloy steel that resists wear while providing maximum load-carrying capacity. Strong and balanced, they are designed to minimize both crew fatigue and maintenance while offering extended performance. All of our drill pipe slips are compatible to American Petroleum Institute (API) bowl designs 1-2-3.

  • Load rating weight: 100-1000 tons
  • Pipe size ranges: up to 11.75 inches
  • Manufactured in accordance with API 7K (latest edition)
  • Heat-treated alloy steel
  • Flexible safety handles
  • Full catalog of replacement parts
  • Compatible with Forum’s PSA-150 / PSH-150 and Access Backsaver® products

Rotary Bushings & Hinged Casing Spider

From master bushings to hinged casing spiders, Forum offers a wide variety of solutions to help you make the right connection. All of our products are designed for maximum strength and comply with industry standards such as the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Master Bushings, Rotary Table Adapters & Bowls

37.5 Master Bushing

Designed to accommodate slips and kelly drive bushings, our master bushings and adapters provide a mechanism to ensure a seamless transfer of string loads between the hoisting equipment and the casing bowls. The casing bowls provide the support required to suspend casing and tubing during critical makeup operations. Forum stocks master bushings, adapters and bowls for the most common rotary table types and sizes, with custom solutions available at your request.

  • Master bushings for rotary table sizes up to 75.5-inch diameters
  • Load ratings up to 1,500 tons
  • Master bushings compatible with API 1-2-3 inner bowls
  • Inner bowls available with umbilical/control line slots
  • Inner bowls with four-inch tapers (compatible with API handling tools)

Casing Bushings & Hinged Casing Spiders

Hinged Casing Spider with Reducer Bushing

Forum casing bushings and hinged spiders work together to simplify casing operations performed in conjunction with manual rotary slips. Installed on top of rotary tables/structures, spiders are especially helpful in shifting heavy casing string weight away from direct pressure on rotary table bearings. When inserted into the rotary table, casing bushings also provide proper alignment with the center of the wellbore hole.

  • Pipe sizes up to 42 inches
  • Load ratings up to 500 tons
  • Compatible to 37.5-inch rotary tables
  • Casing spiders with three- or four-inch tapers

Load Rated Master Bushing

Forum’s load-rated master bushings (LRMB-1250) incorporate integral hydraulic slip actuation embedded in large master bushing frames. Flush-mounted for the lowest-possible connection height, the design features slip assemblies that utilize circumferential dies to optimize slip contact. The patented load shoulder dies prevent slip-toe failures and reduce pipe stress, while proprietary slip tapers improve axial loading and minimize slip-crushing forces.

  • Four slips for superior pipe contact
  • Power-down force for safe operation
  • Patented load shoulder dies
  • Proprietary slip tapers
  • Slip-set and slip-raised hydraulic feedback signals

Manual Tongs

From running the smallest tubing to breaking out large drill collars, Forum offers the most reliable manual tongs in the oil and gas industry. Our comprehensive line of tongs combines high-torque power and precision features to keep your crews safer and your wellbore integrity intact. Manufactured from durable, heat-treated alloy steel, all tongs are pull-tested, traceable and compliant with industry standards such as the American Petroleum Institute (API).

Essential for making-up and breaking-out tubular connections, our drill pipe and casing tongs accommodate numerous sizes and types of equipment ranging from lightweight tubing and casing to drill pipes and collars. Multiple latch steps and interchangeable hinge/lug jaw assemblies can extend their range of operation, and these sturdy tongs ensure better safety and long service under hard-use conditions.

FET Tong series

  • Pipe sizes up to 42 inches
  • Torque ratings up to 160,000 foot/pounds
  • Tong safety handles
  • Optional tong line block or U-clamp-style pull line/snub line saver
  • Full line of optional accessories

WRT series

  • Pipe sizes up to 31 inches
  • Torque ratings up to 160 000 foot/pounds
  • Fewer jaws required than all other tongs (35,000-55,000 foot/pound range)
  • Tong safety handles
  • Optional U-clamp-style pull line/snub line saver
  • Full line of optional accessories

Safety Clamps

Designed to prevent casing, drill collars, tubing and other tubulars from falling into wellbores, safety clamps are essential in avoiding downtime and fishing expeditions. They are typically installed above slips or spiders during the initial phases of well installation, when string loads are too light to ensure adequate “bite” from slip equipment.

Each individual, flexibly hinged link contains its own tapered slip for gripping. Spring tension maintains contact between the insert and clamp body, but allows the insert relative to the taper to better suspend the load. Should a pipe start to fall, taper mountings within the clamps tighten against the pipe to prevent further movement. Because they feature spring-loaded dies that act as shock absorbers, safety clamps provide additional axial support to prevent the tubular from falling downhole.

Forum offers a wide variety of safety clamps designed to fit tubulars up to 43 inches. Gripping pressure remains uniform around pipes to prevent crushing thin-walled pipes or gouging their surfaces. Adding or removing segments adjusts the gripping diameters by approximately one inch per segment, providing flexible options that accommodate numerous pipe sizes.

Depending on the size of your drilling pipes, Forum offers clamp types C, T, CXL and AMP to ensure a perfect fit while making-up or breaking-out the string.

  • Gripping diameters up to 43 inches
  • Spring-loaded, tapered inserts
  • Adjustable one-inch segments
  • Uniform gripping pressure around pipes
  • Heat-treated alloy steel for superior strength and grip
  • Removable end link pins
  • Available storage box

Safety Clamp Types / Gripping Ranges

In general, Type T safety clamps are designed for pipes with smaller outer diameters (OD), while Type C safety clamps are more suitable for larger pipes. Each link added to the clamp changes the effective working range by approximately one inch in diameter, and a pneumatic kit can be retroactively added to existing Forum Type C safety clamps.

  • Safety clamp Type T: pipes up to 4.5-inch OD
  • Safety clamp Type C: pipes up to 15.63-inch OD
  • Safety clamp Type CXL: pipes up to 42.5-inch OD\
  • Safety clamp Type AMP: pipes up to 36.13-inch OD

*The pneumatic kit can be added retroactively to existing Forum type C Safety Clamps