Gas Filter Separator / Coalescer

Gas Filter Separators / Coalescers separate solid particles and aerosol/mist from the gas stream, preventing contaminants from damaging downstream equipment (e.g., compressor and dehydration unit).

A Gas Filter Separator (solids filter) is a vessel that removes particles and dust from gas streams before further processing. The vessel consists of two chambers. The first chamber removes solid particles through a filter element, and the second chamber removes liquid droplets using a mist extractor. The vessel design includes a sump for accumulating the liquid for disposal or processing.

A Gas Coalescer (liquid aerosol mist filter) removes aerosol/mist from gas streams as small as 0.3 microns. It achieves this by reversing the gas flow through the filter element, causing small liquid particles to coalesce and form larger drops as they flow through the element. Gas Coalescers are commonly employed downstream of a compressor or dehydration unit.

  • Engineered and designed according to ASME Section VIII Div. I
  • Single and Double-Sump designs
  • Quick-opening closure for servicing filter elements
  • FET manufactures, inspects, tests, and assembles in-house 100% of products
  • Full-time onsite project management
  • Fully turnkey automated package or bare unit
  • ForumID – RFID technology
  • User-friendly design with field crew safety in mind
Filter Separator