Tether Management Systems

The Tether Management System stores and deploys the ROV tether cable so the ROV is decoupled from the surface vessel’s motion and is able to operate at a larger radius. Forum offers the complete range of both Top-Hat and Garage type systems for both electric observation class ROVs and hydraulic Work Class ROVs. Optional propulsion is also available on some models with thrusters fitted for even greater operating radius.

Despite the functionality of a TMS being simply to spool the tether on and off, historically a large proportion of recorded ROV downtime is attributed to TMS failures. To combat this, the Forum range of TMS has been developed by experienced subsea engineers to create a robust design that provides consistent repeatable results at all water depths. With decades of experience, we have focused on tether path geometry, tether load sensing and proportional speed controls resulting in increased reliability and higher capacity. The Forum range of tether management systems simply work.