Desalter Revamps & Upgrades

Had a change in crude diet or looking to process opportunity crudes? Increasing thruput? Struggling with emulsions?

Revamp, retrofit, and/or upgrade your desalters with the industry’s most experienced technical partner.

An underperforming desalter not only leads to processing challenges, but also may:

  • Impact the integrity of downstream equipment by increasing corrosion risk
  • Lead to upsets in waste processing
  • And increase fouling

Retrofitting outdated equipment is not only an effective way to mitigate these risks but is also a long-term solution for leaner operations and higher profits.

FET’s field teams combine deep technical excellence with practical, hands-on experience. From the initial consultations to equipment removal and final installations, we proudly offer one of the industry’s most customer-focused experiences. Our tailored, turn-key solutions give you the confidence of a world-class retrofit while allowing you to focus on managing your operations.

Contact us today to learn more about our desalter retrofitting solutions, including:

  • Changes in flow direction (Vertical to Laminar)
  • Changes to inlet header location (Edge I, II, III)
  • Addition of cuff header
  • Electrical upgrades
  • Upgrade and/or addition of mud wash headers
  • Upgraded mix valves