Mechanical Equipment (Upstream)

While the oil may start as crude, highly refined upstream processing methods are essential to tackle increasingly complex production challenges. Successful upstream processing lays the groundwork for cost savings and improved production throughout your operational life cycle.

At FET, we are dedicated to delivering personalized solutions and unwavering support for your upstream requirements. Our extensive catalog includes surface production and process equipment, from the complete in-house assembly of packaged modular units/packaging solutions to specialized products that address specific upstream needs. Whether you need custom design services or long-term maintenance programs, our committed teams bring deep industry expertise to ensure your business thrives.

System Design and Manufactured Products

Process design for gas conditioning, hydrocarbon separation, and recovery
Wellhead separation
Glycol dehydration
Wellhead skidded production units
Modular production facilities
Crude oil separation
Gas production units
Indirect line heaters and heater treaters
Filters and sand separators
Pig launchers/receivers
Slug catchers
Prefabricated piping assembly
Lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) units and metering skids
Benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene eliminators
EDGE desalters/dehydrators

Field Services

Start-up and commissioning
Training installation
Maintenance programs

Inventory Sales: Process Equipment Parts

Safety shutdown devices
Motor control valve parts/trim
Flame arresters
Level controls


American Society of Mechanical Engineers Stamps R, S, and U (all applicable sections)