Safety Tools & Accessories

Personnel Access Ramp (PAR)

The CraneSafe™ Personnel Access Ramp (PAR) enables the safe transfer of personnel between tender and fixed platforms or other structures in benign marine environments.

  • Boom consists of inserts manufactured from lattice-type steel with integrated walkways
  • Fully enclosed inserts offer additional safety from dropped objects
  • Standard insert design provides the flexibility to add additional inserts — up to a maximum design rating length of 27.5 meters.
  • Light-weight, hinged stair serves as a landing onto the structure.

CraneSafe is the leading supplier of Personnel Transfer solutions in the Asia Pacific region.

The PAR is an alternative solution to the Personnel Transfer Bridge (PTB), which is used in more extreme marine conditions.

Technical Specifications
  • Maximum length boom: 89.65 ft (27.5 meters)
  • Maximum length connected to a-frame: 101 ft (31 meters)
  • Max luffing from mid position: +/- 12 degrees
  • Slew: +/- 10 degrees
  • Slew speed: Manual slew
  • Design Load: 100 lbs/sq.ft
  • Certification: ABS Available

Personnel Transfer Bridge (PTB)

The CraneSafe™ Personnel Transfer Bridge (PTB) is primarily used for the safe transit of personnel during connected conditions between tender or FPSO vessels and fixed platforms or floating vessels (such as tension leg platforms or spars).

  • Enables easy connection/disconnection from the structure
  • Compensates for relative motion
  • Provides a conduit for safe transfer of personnel between two structures

CraneSafe is the leader in Personnel Transfer products in the Asia Pacific region.

CraneSafe prides itself on ensuring weight and overall envelope size are kept to a minimum.

The PTB is an alternative to the fixed Personnel Access Ramp (PAR), which is utilized extensively in more benign water environments.

Technical Specifications
  • Maximum length boom: 60.7 ft (18.7 meters)
  • Maximum length: 162.5 ft (50 meters)
  • Telescoping speed: 1.5 ft/sec (0.46 meters/second)
  • Max luffing from mid position: +/- 12 degrees
  • Max luffing speed: 2 degree/sec
  • Slew: 330 degrees
  • Slew speed: 120 deg/min
  • Design load: 100 lbs/sq.ft
  • Certification: ABS Available


Safety Stand

  • Provides for off-line makeup of BHA components
  • Improves safety by allowing effortless rotation to make-up components in a vertical position.

Slip Flex Handles

  • Improves ergonomics for safe handling
  • Provides additional hand protection
  • Reduces hand and back injuries

Tong Die Driver

  • Reduces hand injuries caused by an inadvertent hammer blow
  • Brass components prevent sparks and reduce flying objects
  • Cleans and re-dresses the die slot

Tong Handles

  • Universal two piece safety handle
  • Easily retrofitted in the field to most existing tong models (no welding required)
  • Designed to improve hand protection