For years, Forum’s DSI® Cast Steel Valves have been satisfying the needs of Petroleum Refineries, Chemical Processing Plants, Power Generating Plants, and other processing facilities throughout the world. DSI valves are offered in a wide variety of multi-turn valve configurations in stainless and carbon steel, as well as almost every special alloy required for difficult fluid compositions and high-pressure, high-temperature applications. We provide cast and forged gate, globe and check valves that are designed, engineered and manufactured in strict accordance with national piping standards.

Low Fugitive Emission Service

Our adherence to strict quality assurance allows our valves to consistently exceed performance expectations. Our Cast Steel Valves are designed, engineered and manufactured in strict conformance to API, ASTM, ASME, ANSI and other recognized standards. DSI Valves are not only characterized by outstanding performance, reliability and quality, they’re also known for their standard features normally optional in other brands.

DSI standard Cast Steel Gate, Globe and Check Valves are designed and manufactured to ensure leakage of less than 100 ppm (parts per million) of volatile organic compounds (VOC) as tested pursuant to generally accepted good engineering practices for verifying fugitive emissions.

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