Cement Plugs

Non-rotating Plugs

Available for surface launch applications, Forum offers the Type LAPN (Lockdown Anti-Rotation Profile New Style) plug system. This system incorporates our latest generation of mechanism to prevent plug rotation while drilling out.

  • Onshore and offshore surface plug launch applications
  • Easy engagement between plug and collar, as well as between plugs
  • Forum’s unique angled tooth design provides a superior lock to standard tooth designs
  • Prevents plugs from becoming disengaged by pressure acting on the plugs from below, or being disengaged during the drillout process
  • Faster drill-outs with both PDC and conventional drill bits
  • Bottom cementing plug with heavy duty inserts incorporated on top and bottom
  • Top plug with a heavy duty insert incorporated on bottom
  • Heavy duty angled tooth design
  • Five-wiper premium quality plugs provide efficient casing wiping

Latch-down Plugs

Forum’s Davis-Lynch product line offers 10ksi, 5.500″ Special Clearance latch down cementing plugs that have the ability to pass through restrictions as small as 3.650″ with only 200psi of pump pressure while still effectively wiping the primary casing ID. The “SC” plug delivers the performance of its predecessor while utilizing the patented ratchet latching system made from high strength aluminum that provides sure engagement and anti-rotation. The dual O-ring nose profile delivers a sure seal when engaged in the catch collar or in the receptacle of the bottom plug.

The “SC” latch down plugs are designed to be run in pairs with the bottom plug having a hollow ID and a burst disk that carries a rupture point between 900-1500psi. The top plug has a solid body and nose to deliver the sealing ability that is rated up to 10ksi. The wiper body used on the “SC” plugs is made from highly durable rubber that is resistant to most chemicals found in well bores, ensuring the plug does not degrade as it is being run in hole. These items are available on special order.

  • Provides customer ability to run 5-1/2” casing with restrictions as small as 3.650”
  • Easily passes through most “Toe Valves or Initiators”
  • Low pump thru pressure less than 200psi
  • High strength aluminum parts for trusted performance
  • Chemical resistant rubber wiper body for efficient wiping
  • Anti-rotational ratchet system to aid drill out
  • Double O-ring nose profile to ensure a proper seal
  • Top plug latches into bottom plug that latches into the float collar to provide another “check valve” against cement u-tube