The Forum/Howe-Baker Connection

Forum acquired the EDGE product line based on the Howe-Baker Engineers technology of desalters, dehydrators, and distillate treaters in 2010, including all design and technical drawings. As the owner of the original design, Forum is the source for authentic design, supply, and support for EDGE electrostatic equipment. Since the 1950s, over 500 units using the Howe-Baker technology have been installed, originally by the original Howe-Baker Engineers and its successors in interest, Chicago Bridge & Iron, Cameron, Allied Technologies, and more recently by Forum Energy Technologies. View Our History for more information, or contact us to receive quotes or other information.

A Brief History of Desalting Excellence

In 2010, Forum acquired the EDGE electrostatics business dating back to its development by Howe-Baker Engineers in 1995. We are the source for authentic design, supply, and support for EDGE electrostatic equipment. While we continue to pursue cutting-edge advancements in desalting technology, our success is grounded in more than 75 years of engineering excellence.

  • Based in Tyler, Texas, Howe-Baker Engineers develops proprietary electrostatic separation processes.

  • Howe-Baker perfects Two‐Grid electrostatic separation systems that are deployed in numerous desalter plants.

  • Howe-Baker advances desalting technology with enhanced Tri-Grid process.

  • Howe-Baker creates proprietary Enhanced Deep‐Grid Electrical (EDGE) electrostatic desalter.

  • Chicago Bridge & Iron (CB&I) acquires Howe-Baker and its electrostatic separation group.

  • Cameron purchases CB&I’s entire line of electrostatic separator products including those developed by Howe-Baker.

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    Forum Energy Technologies acquires Howe-Baker electrostatic separator line, including EDGE desalter products, and exclusive rights to NATCO® Dual Frequency® technologies.

  • Forum develops next-generation EDGE II electrostatic separator.

  • Forum outfits a major Gulf Coast refiner with EDGE II technology, providing exceptional results.

  • Forum develops EDGE III, combining EDGE/EDGE II technology in the same vessel.

  • Forum offers the ForuMix™ multiphase mixer, taking desalting efficiency to the next level.