FET’s Dynacon product line offers many types of A-Frames for numerous applications. These applications include Remotely Operated Vehicles, towed systems, and IWOCS support. All Dynacon A-Frames can be custom-engineered to your specific application.  Our line of self-erecting A-Frames enables safe and rapid installation on vessels. We engineer complete LARS (Launch And Recovery Systems), which integrate Hydraulic Power Units and Control systems, or we can supply you with just an A-Frame.

We can also retrofit or refurbish your existing A-Frame. We have integrated Swing / Sway function capabilities and can upgrade previously delivered A-Frames with this new functionality.




Swing/Sway (New Build and Retrofit Capable)

Dynacon offers swing/sway capabilities for new build A-Frames or as part of a retrofit package. Swing/Sway capabilities improve the ability to extend operations in higher seas, especially when combined with Active Heave Compensation. The left/right cross damp allows for 30° in either direction. The docking head swing through damp is 15° in the overboard direction and 45° in the inboard direction.