FET Drilling - Pipe Handling Equipment

From conventional to unconventional plays, effective pipe handling equipment is at the foundation of safe, fast and profitable drilling. Forum understands that your operations may involve a complex mix of manual, mechanized and automated solutions across onshore and offshore locations. As an oil and gas equipment expert, we offer an extensive selection of pipe handling equipment solutions ranging from turnkey packages to retrofit upgrades for legacy drilling floor parts.

  • Rig floor equipment for precise positioning and superior control of tubular loads
  • Hoisting equipment that includes a full range of elevators up to 1500 tons
  • Safety equipment such as bridges, ramps and rotating mouseholes for maximum personnel safety
  • Catwalks for tubular handling that minimizes crew operating hazards
  • Iron roughnecks to tackle the makeup/breakout of drill pipe and drill collars
  • Pipe spinners offering the highest reliability in the oil and gas industry
  • Cranes for secure vertical pipe handling and BOP access even in hard-to-reach places
  • Mud buckets that are self-supported and hydraulically operated