FET Osprey

Fluid End Systems

FET’s Osprey™ system is the proven leader in the technology and design of world-class mud pump components.

  • Banded Bore modules incorporating patented technology, which is proven to extend module life up to 600% and dramatically increases valve and seat life.
  • P-Quip® quick-change technology, with 30 years of field-proven performance on thousands of rigs.
  • New P-Quip ML and FP Series Valve Cover systems for more uptime and minimized change-out time.
  • Osprey mud pump consumables with superior life and durability.
  • The individual components of the Osprey system enhance your operations by lowering your operating costs.
  • Combined, the Osprey fluid end system provides the lowest cost to run per hour in the industry.

The Osprey products are proven to reduce risks and improve safety records. Coupled with our highly-skilled technical team, Osprey products will help you Go Faster, Go Longer, and Go Harder.

P-Quip Mud Pump Systems

P-Quip products are recognized throughout the globe as the premier line of patented fluid end assemblies, which through design, innovation and attention to detail, improve the safety and efficiency of modern drilling operations.

Banded Bore Modules

Designed to meet the extreme challenges of higher-pressure drilling, our Banded Bore Fluid End Modules are crafted with industry leading materials and technologies to extend the life of your assets.

Fluid End Pump Parts & Accessories

We supply a complete line of high-quality fluid end accessories, including liners, valves, seats and pistons.