Hub-Style Connections

Over the past decade, well intensities including pumping hours, pressures, rates, and the chemicals / produced water within the frac media have drastically increased.  Consequently, one negative effect of today’s harsh pumping conditions is that conventional hammer unions no longer provide a safe or reliable pressure connection.  Cracks due to over-fatigue, leaking connections because of excessive vibration, and catastrophically failed connections as a result of iron misalignment are causing both safety hazards and non-productive time that have service companies demanding a more robust, reliable connection.  The hub-style connector is a vastly superior option, as it offers a significantly stronger connection during extreme pumping conditions and a more user-friendly interface for field crews.

DuraLock Seal Technology

The DuraLock sealing technology offers our customers several key operational advantages over standard metal-to-metal gaskets including:

  • Dual-elastomer design provides improved reliability by mitigating leaks due to grit and contaminants
  • High-strength, corrosion-resistant seal carrier material promotes re-usability which reduces operating costs
  • Pressure-energized seals assure joint integrity even at extreme pressures and exposure to aggressive chemicals
  • Streamlined flow bore with zero obstruction
  • Simplified iron alignment with recessed seal assembly design

DuraClamp Single-Bolt Connector

Superior efficiency, improved reliability, and increased safety are key metrics that our customers demand with their pressure pumping equipment.  The DuraClamp single-bolt connector is a unique design, which provides:

  • Safer and easier installation than any other high-pressure iron connector in the industry
  • Significantly faster make-up and breakdown processes minimize maintenance downtime
  • Forged construction provides superior integrity
  • 360° orientation allows the clamp to be arranged around obstacles
  • Up to 80% lighter and significantly smaller than a comparable ANSI or API flange
  • 75% less components to manage than a standard clamp connector
  • Greater vibration fatigue resistance compared to traditional hammer union alternatives

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