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Practices to Avoid: Greaseless Enviro-Lite E-Line® Cables

Learn practices to AVOID when it comes to Conventional Wireline Cables

Just as we encourage all customers operating conventional cable to follow our recommended best practices, our team of experts have developed a list of the most notable practices we ask customers to AVOID.

  • DO NOT: Tension cycle the line if stuck; this includes surging the well.
  • DO NOT: Pull more than 4,000 lbs. of surface line tension on the cable. If you are required to operate outside of normal RIH/POOH operations, stop and CALL prior to proceeding.
  • DO NOT: Operate the cable in hostile or corrosive environments; this includes H2S or acid.
  • DO NOT: Float tools while RIH; maintain TVD cable weight in fluid while RIH and pumping down.
  • DO NOT: Keep feeding line into the well once pumps are shut down. Around 200’ from your target depth, start reducing the line speed to increase line tension; this will prevent low tension transfer across the drum.
  • DO NOT: Apply more than 1,000 psi on the upper/lower rubber hand pumps over minimal rubber actuation.
  • DO NOT: Continue to run bad rubbers. If excessive pressure is required to maintain the seal, then SOMETHING is wrong – STOP… LAY DOWN the cable and investigate.
  • DO NOT: Use any aerosol spray, solvents or WD40 on the cable.
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