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Best Practices: Greaseless Enviro-Lite E-Line® Cables

Learn Best Practices for Greaseless Enviro-Lite E-Line® Cables

Our team of wireline experts encourage all customers operating greaseless cable to follow our recommended best practices.

  • Stop operations if there seems to be something out of the norm. Make a quick phone call and verify before continuing operations.
  • Keep the line pre-lubed with mineral oil while RIH and POOH. Applying a light spray to each wrap will suffice. During the last run on the pad, spray a light coat to each wrap to help keep the line moisturized between jobs.
  • Maintain lubrication in the lube chamber of the control head; fill when off the well between runs to make sure the cavity is full.
  • At a minimum, there will need to be TVD line weight in fluid maintained while RIH and pumping down to prevent compression of the cable.
  • A minimal element/rubber pressure needs to be maintained to maximize rubber and line life.
  • Follow ALL break-in procedures for a new line being introduced into any operation.
  • The tool weight in air for ALL operations should be no less than 800 lbs.
  • Make note of any cable abnormalities in the line record book, including the measured depth and length of the damaged area.
  • NO more than 60 runs should be ran on ANY re-head.
  • Control heads should be pressure washed and fully rebuilt prior starting a pad.
Forum Quality Wireline & Cable Greaseless Enviro-Lite E-Line Cables