Chemical Injection

Corrosion Protection with Chemical Injection Centralizer

Preventing the adverse effects of wellbore corrosion is an ongoing battle during production operations. While highly effective, chemical injection for corrosion protection also creates a a dilemma in that injecting too little may not stop the corrosion or buildup, but adding too much wastes product and can create downstream emulsion issues.

When installed below electric submersible pump (ESP) motors, our chemical injection centralizer serves as an ESP system centralizer with the additional capability of a chemical injection system. The uniform 360-degree spray ensures even dispersion that reduces the risks of single-dispersion injections while enhancing ESP performance and reliability. Additionally, the centralization function of the chemical injection centralizer allows equal spacing between the motor and casing, which provides equal flow paths for the production fluid to flow – preventing hotspots in the motor and increasing ESP motor cooling.

Forum’s chemical injection centralizers are part of our extensive Multilift artificial lift solutions catalog.

  • Improves chemical treatment by uniform dispersion
  • Improves efficiency of ESP motor cooling
  • Reduces risk of corrosion spots from single-dispersion injection
  • Reduces risk of ESP system damage while running in well
  • Enhances ESP performance and uptime by proper centralization of the string
  • Improves ESP system reliability
  • Downhole ESP system reliability
  • Connection capability for two chemical injection lines
  • Six dispersion nozzles for 360-degree spray dispersion
  • Check valve system
  • Customized tubing sizes and threads
  • Minimum injection pressure of 500 psi
  • Injection flow rate: ¼-inch up to 3.5 GPM, 3/8-inch up to 7 GPM
  • Differential back pressure resistance of 5,000 psi
  • Casing 5-inch or larger
  • Vertical, highly deviated, horizontal wells
  • ESP installations inside liner applications
  • Point-of-departure applications

PCP SandGuard


The SandGuard has become the industry leader in providing exceptional protection against the primary cause of ESP failure: Sand fallback. Continuing the legacy of the Multilift Solutions ESP SandGuard, the PCP SandGuard continues to provide the same functional quality as its predecessor, including complete isolation from the wellbore, sand diversion, and isolation within the equipment and self-flushing features.

In addition to the core features of the SandGuard platform, the PCP SandGuard allows the installation and retrieval of the PCP rotor without pulling the entire equipment string. Situated just above the PCP stator, the PCP SandGuard allows the passage of a coupling up to 2” in diameter when pulled or retrieved. Additionally, after installing the PCP rotor, the diverter conforms to the diameter of the rod ensuring efficient and effective diversion of sand to the sand chamber and eliminating sand fall-back within the pump. These features provide the entire PCP system with a soft, trouble-free start every time.

Unique Challenges Require Unique Solutions

The PCP Sandguard overcomes the challenges of a through-tubing installation required of PCP equipment by utilizing the unique sand diverter system which allows a PCP rotor and coupling (up to 2”) to be passed through the tool by expanding to accommodate the larger diameter. Following installation, the diverter system returns to the original diameter, conforming to the outside diameter of the rod during production.


  • Complete isolation of sand fallback
  • Effective abrasion avoidance and diversion
  • Self-cleaning feature on startup
  • PCP rotor passage through tool
  • Simple and quick installation procedures
  • Overall protection against broken shafts, excessive wear to stator and stress on electrical system

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    Pump Saver

    The FET Multilift Solution’s Pump Saver protects downhole rod lifted pumps by separating sand prior to entering the rod lift system.



    • Multiple connections and configurations available for virtually all Rodlift applications and low flow ESP applications
    • Configured for optimal sand separation in low flow applications and for intermittent flow (i.e. Rod lift applications)
    • Uniquely designed to minimize erosion and maximize longevity of artificial lift equipment



    • Prevents rod pump wear by reducing sand laden fluid from entering rod pump
    • Extends rod pump life and minimizes costly workovers caused by production of sand laden fluid
    • Improves up-time and minimizes lost production



    • Rod lift installations
    • Onshore wells
    • Sand laden reservoirs or hydraulically fractured wells
    • Deviated or horizontal oil or gas wells

    Pump Saver Plus

    With rod pumps being used in over 65% of today’s world’s oil production methods, artificial lift protection is critical, now more than ever before. There are multi-tool systems available, but these antiquated units pose long-term issues that ultimately cause operators more money and downtime. Designing an innovative solution, the FET Multilift Solutions Pump Saver Plus delivers an all-in-one gas and sand separator that is proven to extend Rod Pump run life and eliminate the need for multiple tools and connections to make up the Rod Pump BHA.


    • Separates gas and sand without any impact or effect on pump function
    • Negligible pressure drop through the tool
    • No sand re-circulation
    • Reduces costly workovers due to gas lock and sand obstruction
    • Improves pump efficiency
    • Extends run-life
    • Enhances production and operating envelope


    • Reduces chance of gas lock, increasing uptime and production
    • Reduces chance of abrasive wear and mechanical failure, reducing workover and equipment costs
    • Increases run life of the rod pump and the integrity of artificial lift equipment
    • No moving components, reducing the possibility of failure


    • Sucker Rod
    • High abrasive conditions
    • High GOR and GLR wells

    Cross Coupling Protector

    Downhole cables are especially vulnerable during installation and retrieval. Our cross-coupling protectors support virtually any configuration of control lines, electric submersible pumps, umbilical lines or encapsulated bundles in the wellbore. The protector’s channel shields cables and lines as they transition across the coupling, helping to prevent damage during installation or retrieval of completions. The compressive fit design accommodates oversize or undersize tubing per American Petroleum Institute specs and securely engages the cable or lines to the tubing.

    For your most challenging well environments, Super 25 cross-coupling protectors provide the same functionality as our standard protectors with the added benefit of superior corrosion resistance. No matter which configuration you choose, installation is quick and easy with air-driven hydraulic tools.

    Forum’s cross-coupling ESP cable protectors are part of our Cannon Services product line and extensive Forum Multilift Solutions catalog.

    Benefits (Standard Configuration)
    • Prevents costly damage to cables or capillaries during installation and retrieval
    • Offers high reusability, increasing cost savings on well workovers
    • Installs successfully in even the most complex offshore/subsea well designs
    • Installs quickly to reduce workover time and cost
    Additional Benefits (Super Duplex 25 Configuration)
    • Superior resistance to many forms of corrosion encountered in oil and gas wells.
    Features (Standard Configuration)
    • Interchangeable designs (fits tubing with outside diameters of 2-13.75 inches or greater)
    • Multiple channel designs available to support multi-line configurations.
    • Suitable for high-angle wellbores
    • Available in custom configurations
    • Options for corrosion-resistant alloy and other specialty steels
    Additional Features (Super 25 Configuration)
    • Highly resistant to uniform corrosion from most acids, as well as chloride pitting and crevice corrosion
    • Superior resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking
    Applications (Standard Configuration)
    • Artificial lift
    • Permanent gauges
    • Intelligent wells
    • Fiber optics
    • Safety valves
    • Geophones
    Applications (Super 25 Duplex Configuration)

    Mid Joint Clamp

    For superior downhole cable protection, pair Forum’s mid-joint clamps with cross-coupling protectors on the tubing string. Installed mid-joint on the tubing, these clamps can secure virtually any configuration of control lines or cables in the well. Per American Petroleum Institute specs, the compressive-fit design accommodates oversize or undersize tubing and securely engages the cable or lines to the tubing.

    Forum’s mid-joint clamps are part of our Cannon Services product line and extensive Forum Multilift Solutions catalog.

    • Prevents costly damage to cables or capillaries during installation and retrieval.
    • Provides high reusability, increasing cost savings on well workovers.
    • Protects even the most complex offshore/subsea well designs.
    • Installs quickly and easily, reducing workover time and cost.
    • Designs to accommodate all cable and line configurations
    • Options for corrosion-resistant alloy and other specialty steels
    • Multiple channel designs available to separate multi-line configurations
    • Artificial lift
    • Permanent gauges
    • Intelligent wells
    • Chemical injection
    • Safety valves
    • Geophones