With the steady demand for enhanced oil production, artificial lift protection is critical for today’s operations. Multi-tool systems are available, but these antiquated units pose long-term issues that ultimately cause operators more money and downtime. Designing an innovative solution, the FET Multilift Solutions Pump Saver Plus delivers an all-in-one gas and sand separator proven to extend run life and eliminate the need for multiple tools and connections to make up the BHA.


  • Separates gas and sand without any impact or effect on pump function
  • Negligible pressure drop through the tool
  • No sand re-circulation
  • Reduces costly workovers due to gas lock and sand obstruction
  • Improves pump efficiency
  • Extends run-life
  • Enhances production and operating envelope


  • Reduces chance of gas lock, increasing uptime and production
  • Reduces chance of abrasive wear and mechanical failure, reducing workover and equipment costs
  • Increases the PCP and rod pump run-life and the integrity of the artificial lift equipment
  • No moving components, reducing the possibility of failure


  • PCP
  • Rod Pumps
  • High abrasive conditions
  • High GOR and GLR wells